“Once a king, always a king; once a queen, always a queen; but once a knight is enough.” #JusJoJan

We’re headed into the last four days of the 2018 Just Jot It January blogfest, and today’s word comes to us from Leta Hawk, who blogs over at Hawk’s Happenings.


The movie Monty Python and the Holy Grail was just chockful of knights. You had the Knights Who Say “Ni!”…

… and the Black Knight…

… and the French knights…

… and, of course, the Knights of the Round Table…

The Knights of Columbus is a Catholic organization dedicated to service and fun. Basically, the Knights are to the Catholic Church what the Shriners are to the Masons. In fact, one of the reasons the Knights were formed was because Catholics couldn’t be Masons and thus couldn’t be Shriners. The Catholic Church and the Masons have been fighting this battle for years, with both claiming the other is evil with little or no explanation as to why. I mean, I know lots of Shriners from my piping days and they seem all right to me. In any event, my great-grandfather (my mother’s mother’s father) was a Knight, with a sword and sash and everything. My brother had his sword, I have his sash and prayerbook. The Knights are kind of a big deal in our parish and most of the parishes around here. I have no desire to join, but I always buy a couple of Tootsie Rolls to support their fundraising efforts, and because I like Tootsie Rolls.

As I was waking up this morning, I thought of a conversation my dad and I had when I was about 6. Dad loved Pepsi, which in those days came in bottles. During Passover, they would stamp the bottlecaps with “KP,” indicating that Pepsi was Kosher for Passover. I didn’t understand that back then, so I asked him, “Dad, what does KP mean on the botlecaps?” Without missing a beat, he told me “That’s for Knights of Pepsi.” Eventually he told me what it really meant, but hey, Knights of Pepsi worked for me.

4 thoughts on ““Once a king, always a king; once a queen, always a queen; but once a knight is enough.” #JusJoJan

  1. When I was in high school and for a year or two after I graduated my parents would take me to the Knights of Columbus dances with them, supposedly to help me meet a “nice Catholic boy.” Unfortunately I was too young for the sons of their friends and so it didn’t work out very well. They were also in a group called “The Druids” but I don’t know what affiliation that had with anything since the Druids are Welsh/Irish from what I can tell and my folks and their friends were definitely Italian!


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