Two For Tuesday: Paul Anka

Paul Anka is a singer and songwriter who had a number of hits in the Fifties and Sixties, although he found his career slightly derailed by The British Invasion, a fate suffered by many in those days. Still, in the times his singing career was at a standstill, he found time to act in a number of films and write a number of soings for other artists, including “She’s A Lady” for Tom Jones and the English lyrics for “My Way,” a hit for both Frank Sinatra and Elvis Presley. He also wrote an instrumental called “Toot Sweet” which eventually became the theme song for The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.

“Diana” was a song Paul wrote and recorded in 1957, when he was just sixteen. It reached #1 on the Billboard “Best Sellers In Stores” chart and #2 on their composite “Top 100” chart, the precursor to the Hot 100.

He wrote and recorded “Lonely Boy” in 1958 and it was released as a single the following year. It reached #1 on the Hot 100 and was ranked the #5 song for all of 1959.

Paul had a couple of other significant records that reached #2 on the Hot 100, 1959’s “Put Your Head On My Shoulder” and 1960’s “Puppy Love,” later a hit for Donny Osmond. His career enjoyed a resurgence with 1974’s “You’re Having My Baby,” which he sang with Odia Coates. He wrote two songs with Michael Jackson in 1983, “This Is It,” which was never released by Jackson but was a hit for Sa-Fire, and “Love Never Felt So Good.” Paul threatened to sue Jackson’s estate for credit for these songs and the administrators granted him 50% of the copyright. He’s still recording and performing. Details can be found on his website.

Paul Anka, your Two for Tuesday, January 30, 2018.

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  1. John,

    Paul Anka is an amazing songwriter and artist. He really did have the hit songs. I haven’t heard “Lonely Boy” in a while so that was fun to hear again. I sure missed you on the dance floor. Are you doing okay or just a bit too busy? That’s certainly understanding. Oh well…I sure appreciate you hopping over for a visit. I’m doing a BoTB tomorrow. I hope you’ll join me!


    1. I respect him as an artist, as both a singer and songwriter. He’s made a lot of great music for many years. I enjoy his music and am happy he’s still at it. I mean, he’s been part of the world of popular music almost as long as I’ve been around.

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