To Put It Another Way… #socs

Did you know that the song “Fly Me To The Moon” was originally titled “In Other Words”? And that the first person to record it was Kaye Ballard, better known as a comedienne?

She had a gorgeous voice, didn’t she?

Unless I can come up with more, that’s all I got. You won’t hear that very often…

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23 thoughts on “To Put It Another Way… #socs

  1. When I think of Fly Me To The Moon I think of the movie Space Cowboys which made me laugh, like Kay Ballard might have done if I had ever heard any of her jokes when she was performing as a comedienne.

    [How’s that for a stream of consciousness comment?]


    1. She was good at both. I saw her one night on Johnny Carson and she had me in stitches, singing the theme from “Shaft.” Do you remember “The Mothers-In-Law,” with her and Eve Arden?


    1. I think ours might have been the last generation where our music and our parents’ were played side-by-side. I’ve been watching reruns of Ed Sullivan lately, and the variety of acts on his show was incredible. You’d have pop music, music from Broadway, opera, comedians, circus acts, and God knows what else on his show. We got a lot of culture without thinking about it.

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  2. I know Kaye Ballard from being a comedienne but had no clue of her fabulous singing voice. I want to know what else she has done. Again, trying to get back into things after the bathroompipes, my mom passing away and the car accident. We did get another car and it has never been so new for me…a2013 Honda Civic! Tomorrow we pick up the car


    1. IMDb has a pretty good rundown of her screen (large and small) appearances ( The Internet Broadway Database has a list of her stage appearances ( and I’m sure her own website ( has anything the other two missed. She has an extensive and impressive resume as a performer. And, she’s funny, even if she’s retired.

      New car with that old car smell! A friend of mine once said that if you take care of them they can last forever. We had a 1992 Accord that we finally gave away in 2013 that had 120K miles on it. It’s probably still on the road somewhere.


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