February’s First Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is sponsored by Westinghouse. You can be sure… if it’s Westinghouse!

Not exactly a consumer advertisement, but still kind of fun…

It’s been a busy week. Well, actually, I had a couple of busy days. Let’s get into the summary.

You might have noticed (Cathy did) that there was no M4 entry this Monday. Monday was one of those busy days. I had my final rooster comb injection in my knees, and Mary and I went out to lunch to celebrate our 40th, and I never got back to the computer. My apologies to all my M4 buddies. I’ll be back tomorrow.

Paul Anka, singer and composer, was the featured artist.

My one-liner for Wednesday (which, by the way, as the last day of Just Jot It January, and thank you, Linda, for hosting it again) was from Julia Cameron, author of The Artist’s Way and several other books on creativity.

We were to write on “perfection,” which kind of fit in with the Wednesday’s theme. My argument was that there’s really no such thing as perfection, and rather than strive for perfection, we should strive to be the best we can be.

I’ll announce the winner of my latest battle, “‘You Light Up My Life’: Kasey Cisyk vs. Debby Boone” this Thursday, so be sure and get me your vote before then. Debby Boone had the big hit with it, Kasey Cisyk was the woman who dubbed Didi Conn’s voice in the movie. Who did it better is up to you.

Deuces were wild on Friday, the second day of the second month, so I featured songs with “two” in the title.

Linda threw the prompt “in other words” at us, and I remembered that it was the original title of the popular song “Fly Me To The Moon.” I posted a video of Kaye Ballard’s first recorded version of the song, and I think everyone was impressed with her voice, since she’s generally known as a comedian.

This was the last week of Just Jot It January, and I made these posts:

  • Sunday’s word was “knight,” so I talked about the Knights of The Round Table, of Columbus, and of Pepsi.
  • The word for Monday was “fantastic,” and, as usual, I couldn’t color inside the lines, and talked about Fantastik and other household products I used to see advertised on daytime TV when I was younger.
  • Tuesday’s final word, “scrumptious,” gave me a little trouble, because it seemed that every song with that word in it was some rapper talking about a woman’s rump. I remembered that Dairy Queen used to have an ad campaign that featured characters from the “Dennis The Menace” comic strip that used the word “scrumpdillyishus,” but couldn’t find any of the ads from that campaign. So I gave up and wrote about that.

Nothing major planned. Just more of the same. Now, notice that I said “nothing major planned,” leaving the door open for surprises.

Thanks to BikerChick57,Ally, Fandango, J-Dub, JoAnna, Miss Talkaholic, Janet, Birgit, Eugenia, brother Kip, Mark, Mary B, Dan, Arlee, Stephen, Susan, Uncle Jack Connelly, Alana, Frank, Joey, Cathy, Judy, Sandi, Wendy, BuzzCut, GhostMMNC, and everyone who gave me a “like.”

And that’s it for this edition of The Week That Was. See you in the funny papers!

6 thoughts on “February’s First Week That Was

  1. WX (Westinghouse) had a plant in Sunnyvale, CA that I drove by every day commuting to IC maker AMD. It closed in the 1990s.


    1. I remember they had a huge plant in Pittsburgh, which would figure since that’s where they were based. They had their hands in a lot of areas, and they’ve managed to divest most of them…


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