Monday’s Music Moves Me: Top 10 from WJJD, 2/4/18

So, I missed last week’s M4 because I was called away from the computer before I had a chance to write it and never got back. Very sorry to Joyce Lansky’s daughter Erica, whose birthday was last Monday and was the theme for last week. Happy belated birthday, Erica!

Now, on to today’s playlist, which is either country music or a freebie. Well, I’m not much of a country kind of guy, so I opted for the latter, consulting Oldiesloon for a survey close to this day in history. I decided, let’s have a look at WJJD, which was Chicago’s rock ‘n’ roller before WLS. I found a survey for February 4, 1957, 61 years ago yesterday. As I was going through the Top 10, I noticed a couple of things: one, their Top 10 was actually a Top 12, because two records were the same song done by two artists and both were listed in the position (in those cases, I picked what I considered to be the better one and linked to the other), and two, a couple of songs were country tunes, anyway.

  1. Jerry Lewis, “Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With A Dixie Melody” Not related to the movie Rock-A-Bye Baby, which came out the following year and starred Jerry and Marilyn Maxwell. This was originally written for Al Jolson, and Jerry’s version made the Top 10 nationally and earned him a gold recod.
  2. Micki Marlo, “Little By Little” Micki was a singer and a model, known for both her voice and her good looks. This was her only hit.
  3. Fats Domino, “Blue Monday” This was Fats’ followup to “Blueberry Hill,” and reached #5 nationwide.
  4. Jill Corey, “I Love My Baby (My Baby Loves Me)” Popular standards singer Jill Corey recorded a number of hits over the years. This peaked at #28 nationwide.
  5. Fess Parker, “Wringle Wrangle” Fess Parker starred in Disney’s Westward Ho, The Wagons!, from which this song is taken. A second version was done by actor and singer Bill Hayes, who currently stars in Days of Our Lives with his wife, Susan Seaforth.
  6. Pat Boone, “Don’t Forbid Me” Pat Boone set a record for the most consecutive weeks on the charts, so seeing him here is no surprise.
  7. Frankie Laine, “Moonlight Gambler” Another country song by the singer from Chicago’s Little Italy. That still blows my mind.
  8. Harry Belafonte, “Banana Boat Song” With baseball season upon us, we’ll be hearing “daaaaaay-o!” in ballparks across America. I never knew this, but this song was written by Alan Arkin, who also charted with this with his group, The Tarriers.
  9. Elvis Presley, “Too Much” The King’s first hit single of 1957, his next being “All Shook Up.”
  10. Tab Hunter, “Young Love” Apparently Randy Wood, president of Dot Records, approached Tab about making a record. Tab admitted he wasn’t much of a singer, and Wood assured him he didn’t have to be a good singer to make a good record. Wood hired swome backup singers for the session, who turned out to be The Jordanaires, Elvis Presley’s backup group. The record was so good that even Tab had to admit it, and when it became a smash, Jack Warner at Warner Brothers, who owned Tab’s movie contract and thus, in Warner’s eyes, Tab Hunter himself, brought out the lawyers. Tab might have been the reason Warner Brothers started its own record label.

And that’s Monday’s Music Moves Me for February 5, 2018.

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30 thoughts on “Monday’s Music Moves Me: Top 10 from WJJD, 2/4/18

  1. Thanks for Erica’s birthday wishes. It’s funny how I’ve seen that Three Stooges clip multiple times, but I still laugh out loud every time I hear it. Wow! You found some old songs. I’m partial to the Beetle Juice song. So fun!


    1. The whole Stooges clip, that explains why the cake explodes, is out there, colorized for today’s audiences:

      Mary and I just sort of burst into that song when we need a laugh. Complain all you want about the slapstick, theirs was inspired humor.

      I had to think for a minute which was the “Beetlejuice” song. If you get a chance, listen to The Tarriers’ version. Not that it’s that good, but it’s really different…


    1. Going back in history and looking at the surveys is quite enjoyable and you learn a lot about what people were listening to. I like the mix, with some rock, some country, some easy listening. You don’t get that kind of variety today.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. I get the daaaaayyyoo now! It didn’t occur to me. Wanna go home as in score a run. Duh. Fess Parker always makes me think of Daniel Boone. Young Love is a good one too. Thanks John.


    1. I’m not sure that both songs sold as well, but JJD listed them both at the same position. One might have been way down the chart nationally. The last song I can remember that did that was “You Light Up My Life”: both were on the chart at the same time, but Debbie Boone’s was at the top while Casey Cisyk’s peaked at #80.


  3. Oh wow, John you made Dave’s (my hubby) day! HE LOVES the 3 stooges and I think he has every movie they ever made. Jerry Lewis actually had a really good voice he probably could have made it as a singer as far as I’m concerned. I didn’t know he actually made a recording out. This one is really good. Thanks for sharing and enlightening me of Mr. Lewis’s talents. Fantastic!


    1. Jerry was an entertainer from the days when entertainers did it all: sing, dance, tell jokes, act, you name it. I’d heard him sing before, and while he was no Dean Martin, he knew what he was doing.

      The Stooges clip is a great one, but then, all their clips are funny. There wasn’t a time in any of their movies when one of them wasn’t being a funny guy. Even in the Joe DeRita days (the late 50’s and 60’s) they were always funny.


  4. John,

    These songs all released prior to my birth and 99% are not familiar to me. I think it was through the 4M circle I was introduced to the only song I know on you on your playlist, “Banana Boat”. This tune was used in the movie, “Beatle Juice”. I think I saw that flick but I wasn’t too impressed with it so the mewsic didn’t stick with me until someone shares the YouTube clip featuring the song. I enjoyed listening to these oldies. Thanks for sharing!


    1. I hadn’t even celebrated my first birthday when these songs were out. I knew “Banana Boat Song,” “Blue Monday,” and “Young Love” only because they get played a lot on oldies stations. Makes you wonder why all of these don’t get airplay on oldies stations…


  5. I had no idea Jerry Lewis had a hit with this old tune. I know Judy Garland singing it which I love. I know Young Love which I like and the Belafonte song made famous from the film Beatlejuice. 1957 is a good year, the year my hubby was born.


  6. Hi John,
    This was certainly an interesting blend of songs. Most I never heard but three of them are familiar to me and are my favorites from your playlist: Young Love (such a great song), Elvis’ hit and the Banana Boat song by Harry Belefonte.
    Listening to these songs really shows what a difference a decade makes (from 57 to 67). You know me and the kind of music I like — I have to say I”m glad I was born when I was (1962) because had I been coming up in the mid to late 50s I don’t know that I would’ve cared for the music then… But then again, I wouldn’t have known any different, would I?
    Thanks for the introduction and the time capsule time travel…

    Michele at Angels Bark


    1. I was less than a year old when that particular survey was published, but I got my first radio when I was seven and I heard most of the songs as “golden oldies.” So I guess I didn’t know any better… 😝


    1. I think that’s everyone’s. Might be the only one a lot of people have heard. I was a big fan of Fox 97 back in the day, so I heard a couple of these, but they didn’t exactly go out of their way to play anything other than the hundred or so songs they played all the time.

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  7. I’m not sure a 25 year old would have known any of these songs (I’m 65 and only knew about half of them) but you are totally forgiven because of the Banana Boat Song, one of my all time favorites. And oh yes, the Three Stooges. Even my son (who is older than Erica) loves the Three Stooges. Loved the trivia re some of the other songs. Sometimes, belated gifts are the best!


    1. I wasn’t even a year old when that survey was published, so I really hadn’t heard that many of them, and you aren’t that far ahead of me, so I wouldn’t expect you’d have heard them, either. That’s part of the fun of doing the surveys: you get to hear a lot of music you wouldn’t otherwise.


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