RIP John Mahoney

Mary and I were watching Frasier last night, and during a commercial break I opened Instagram to this.

What timing, huh?

It kind of hit us both, because he’s a favorite of ours, and a Chicago guy who was happiest when working onstage at the Steppenwolf Theater, which was started by a couple of other Chicago guys, one of them being Gary Sinise.

Here’s a news story that ran on WBBM-TV in Chicago last night.

Rest in peace, John Mahoney, and thanks for all the laughs.

25 thoughts on “RIP John Mahoney

    1. Since we don’t live in the Chicago area and don’t subscribe to cable, we don’t get WGN. Even when we did, we got WGN America, that eliminates a lot of local programming. But I do remember Dean Richards from his days at WNUA, when that was still a radio station.

      From what I’m hearing, Mahoney died in hospice of cancer. Lousy way to go.

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      1. Oh, that is so sad. I wondered, because they said he was taken to the hospital, where he passed. I love your posts.

        We are in a snow pattern here. We have had 2-4″ (IL/WI border) every day, three days in a row, now. We expect the same through the week. Friday, we are supposed to get 9″. So…I am out clearing snow a lot of the time. Eh…I do not mind.


            1. Neither do we, since we’re inland, but we do catch the tropical storms that result from a hurricane coming ashore and breaking up. We also get really bad tornadoes and severe thunderstorms, but didn’t have many this past summer. Guess you pays your money and takes your choice…

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        1. Hospice does a wonderful job at palliative care, making the patient’s last days as comfortable as possible. Both my mother and Mary’s mother died in 2000 (in what I call the “end of millennium purge” — you have to find the humor in a very painful experience), and both spent their last couple of days in hospice. We put Mary’s mom in hospice one evening, and she passed away the next morning. I think she was happy to be done with it. I remember Mary was really upset when we did it, and her mom was comforting her. That was my mother-in-law for you.


  1. Oh that’s too bad. I hadn’t heard the news yet. He was hilarious for sure. Is it always like this and I just haven’t noticed or are we losing all these great entertainers in rapid succession?? 2017 was a horrible year for losing greats and this year isn’t starting out any better…

    Michele at Angels Bark


    1. I think what you’re seeing is that many of our favorite actors are getting older and nature is taking its course. True, there are many who die young (e.g. Tom Petty), but I think they’re just getting old.


  2. That kinda sucks. All these people we grew up with are reaching that age where they’re going. Just another reminder none of us lasts forever.


  3. This is sad…I heard about it last night and was shocked because I think of him from Frasier. He was an excellent actor and loved his hometown for sure. I still don’t know what he died from but it sounds like he had to deal with it for a bit anyway.


    1. He died of cancer, and seeing as he was in hospice care I can only figure it was for a while. Funny thing about him: he was born in Blackpool, Lancashire, moved to the US and enlisted in the Army, and lost his accent. I wonder, though, if he ever had to help Jane Leeves with the Mancunian accent? (She was from outside London.)


  4. John,

    Ahh, that is sad mews! I like “Fraizer” and it was this show I was first introduced to John Mahoney. Cancer is a cruel disease. I hope one day there is a cure for it. Wouldn’t it be grand if we all could go quietly in our sleep? Saying prayers for the Mahoney family. God bless and may you RIP, John Mahoney!

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    1. There are cures for certain forms of cancer. My father died of a form of non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, for which there’s now a cure, and I know several women who are in remission from breast cancer. I’m hopeful for the advances in nanotechnology being able to cure additional forms of it. Still, too many people die from it and suffer the whole time. My stepfather died of melanoma and it was an awful, painful death. You wonder why I’m always saying “wear sunscreen”?

      I remember him in “Primal Fear” with Richard Gere and Edward Norton. He was very good in that. He also played the head of the CIA in the show “Burn Notice,” a sort of dramedy with Jeffrey Donovan, Sharon Gless, Bruce Campbell, and Gabrielle Anwar. He was just in a couple of episodes, but really made a difference. He really preferred the stage to the screen, though, and was content to be at home in Oak Park (a very nice suburb of Chicago) and act at Steppenwolf.


    1. You can tell he was quite touched and on the verge of tears, really. Here’s another video, with a couple of shots of the whole cast, and you can see that Grammer and David Hyde Pierce look like they could have been his sons:


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