BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “You Light Up My Life” Results

This was a lot closer, and the outcome was different, than I thought:

Kasey Cisyk: 5
Debby Boone: 4

A lot of you were unhappy with my choice of songs, which is fair enough. Arlee seemed almost relieved that I did it, because that way he didn’t have to; two of you left comments telling me that you weren’t going to vote; Birgit said she wanted to see Big Jim McBob and Billy Sol Hurok from SCTV’s “Farm Film Report” blow Debby Boone up real good; and several of you indicated that you’d feel differently if the song hadn’t been played into an EBS Special. Most of you picked up on the difference between the two songs (Ms. Cisyk sang it as a love song, Ms. Boone as a Christian praise song), which I think was the point of the whole exercise.

Anyway, congratulations to the late Ms. Cisyk, and a hearty “well done!” to Ms. Boone.

I already have the next battle drawn up and in the chute, ready to be released next Thursday morning, so be sure and tune in then!

9 thoughts on “BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “You Light Up My Life” Results

  1. I still like the song and I still think it is better served as being a song of praise to God. Sung to a person makes it a bit insipid.

    Nice close outcome though.

    Tossing It Out


    1. At this point, people have it so drilled into their minds that it’s a “praise” song that it doesn’t seem “right” for any other use. Oh well.


    1. As long as people kept buying it and calling the radio stations to request it, the song stayed on heavy rotation, where it’d get played every couple of hours. And, as they say, familiarity breeds contempt.

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    1. Debby was actually covering the song from the movie, which Kasey Cisyk did (voicing Didi Conn, who couldn’t sing it as well). There are a lot of other covers out there, including LeAnn Rimes, Whitney Houston, Englebert Humperrdinck (!) and a few others. The funniest I heard was Tony Roletti’s (Bill Kirchenbauer) on “Fernwood 2nite.” I’m still looking for that one…

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