The Olympic Week That Was

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I love the little jingles in the old commercials, don’t you?

It’s been a pretty good week: neither Mary nor I had to go to any doctor’s appointments, it was sunny most days, and the rain coincides with the Olympics. Not that I care too much, but I can always play with my Fire and my phone while Mary watches. So here’s what happened this week.

Went all the way back to February 1957 and pulled the Top 10 from WJJD in Chicago for my freebie. Not surprisingly, the only song most people knew was Harry Belafonte’s “Banana Boat Song,” though Tab Hunter’s “Young Love” was in the #1 slot.

Chubby Checker, who’s still going pretty strong, was the featured artist this week.

Also on Tuesday, I reported the sad news that John Mahoney, who played Kelsey Grammer’s father on Frasier, passed away at the age of 77. Grammer said that he thought of John as his real-life father as well, because he had known John longer than his own father.

My one-liner was from Miss “Hot For Words,” Marina Orlova, who, in addition to being highly intelligent, is also quite attractive. She seems to have ditched the HFW identity and is now an artist, and a good one at that.

I was asked to name my eight favorite candies, and as I started I realized I had already been prompted for my ten favorite, so I added eight more to that list. I don’t think I’ve met a candy I don’t like.

In a very close battle over a song that no one seems to like, most likely because it was played so much when it was popular, Kasey Cisyk, who sang “You Light Up My Life” for Didi Conn in the movie of the same name, edged out Debby Boone, who had the megahit with it back in 1977.

I remembered the late, great WCFL, “The Voice Of Labor” in Chicago, by listing the Top 10 from their last-ever survey, which happened about 42 years ago. It gave those of us who grew up in the Chicago area (Mark, Ed and I) a chance to reminisce about the good old days (which, when you think about it, weren’t that good). Mark and I knew the son of the station manager at Super CFL (he and I were pretty close, actually), who went to school with us, but we had lost touch before WCFL’s grand transformation.

It was a week of reruns: the prompt was “tail/tale,” and I had written something on the blog previously about both, so I linked to the previous essays. I always like going back through the archives and discovering little things I had written “way back when.” Maybe I’ll do a rerun week soon, and go back and revive some of the older things I’d written. Or maybe I’ll rewrite them…

Tomorrow, love songs in honor of Valentine’s Day. I have a great Battle of The Bands coming up on Thursday, and will probably come up with a one-liner to recognize that, in addition to Valentine’s Day, Wednesday is Ash Wednesday (it’s also the feast of Sts. Cyril and Methodius). I’m still working my wy through the rock artists from the Baby Boom years, though I’m getting close to the end, and thus have to come up with a new theme pretty soon. I’ll be sure to come up with a better idea than another historical survey for Friday, and I have to wait and see what the prompts are for Thursday and Saturday. And who knows what else I’ll come up with?

Thanks to Micki, Dan, J-Dub, Fandango, Janet, Annie, Deborah, Birgit, Joey, Mark, Ed Thierbach, Arlee, Eugenia, Ally, Karen, Jerralea, Encore Voyage, Annalisa, Jen E, Madam Dreamweaver, Morgan, Marian, May, Frank, JoAnna, Linda, Martha, Michele, Cathy, Cheryl, Patrick, Joyce, Lauralynn, Mary B, Marie, Alana, and everyone who left a “like.”

And that’s it for this edition of The Week That Was. See you in the funny papers!

13 thoughts on “The Olympic Week That Was

  1. I love that old style jingle sound too. Loved the candy that you chose. It’s always interesting to find out what music you bring to the table:)


  2. Valentine’s Day? Bah, humbug! Nice thing is that lots of candy will probably be on sale in the days following. Like you, I’ve rarely met a candy that I didn’t like.

    Tossing It Out


    1. We can only hope. I’m sure that come Wednesday all the Valentines stuff gets put back in storage and the St. Patrick’s Day stuff comes out. Clearance candy is the best.


  3. I do love the jingles. Cute and catchy little ear worms that they can become. A good reason as any to buy the product. You know aside from said products practical purpose :). Nice re-cap! See you in the funny papers too!

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    1. My dad used to tell the story (must have been before 1967) of riding up in an elevator with a woman who kept singing the Ken-L-Ration jingle (“My dog’s bigger than your dog…”). Said he was ready to wring her neck, and all that stopped him was that he had gotten to his floor.

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