Writer’s Workshop: Still More YouTube Channels

I always like when this prompt comes up, because invariably I’ve found more channels to hype. This time Kat wants six. Here they are.


Yet another nostalgia channel, the difference being he actually takes the time to tell you how old he was at the times he’s remembering. He’s another big old TV commercials guy, such as his most recent post, “Stores No More: Commercials for Circuit City, Blockbuster, Record Bar, Montgomery Ward, etc.”


I do a lot of music here at The Sound of One Hand Typing, much of it from before the current era, and MusicProf78 is my source for a lot of the music I feature here. He has recordings going back as far as the 1930’s, and I’ll bet even further back than that, from practically any genre of popular music. Here’s Faron Young with “Hello Walls,” from 1961.


MicroJow collects commercial breaks and sign-ons and sign-offs from 1980’s and earlier television. Here’s a good one, from KABC-TV in Los Angeles, “KABC-TV Channel 7 Los Angeles CA/The Saturday Night Movie Closing/Editorial/Sign Off News.” The date is October 12, 1976.

Angelina Jordan Cover Channel

I can’t say enough about this young lady. She’s twelve years old and sings a lot of standards and old jazz tunes in a mature and lush voice. Here she is singing the Henry Mancini-Johnny Mercer standard “Moon River,” in honor of what would be my dad’s 86th birthday. (Angelina is one of the contestants in today’s Battle of the Bands, by the way.)

Lari Basilio

This woman just knocks me out with her guitar playing. Here’s her latest video, “stratovibez,” no doubt celebrating her getting a new Stratocaster.

Crazy Russian Hacker

Here’s that guy you don’t want to leave unsupervised. He delights in putting products to the test and asking “what would happen if I…?” For example, “what would happen if I drop two pounds of dry ice into a sinkful of hot water?” He has another channel under his real name, Taras Kul.

So, that’s it for now. I hope you enjoy these channels. Do you have any favorites?

5 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: Still More YouTube Channels

  1. Oh man, those old school commercials brought me back to my childhood. It’s just crazy how far technology has come! The Russian Hacker made me want to fill my house with dry ice. And that 12 year old is AMAZING!


    1. Not only how far tech has come, but how quickly it got here. A little over twenty years ago I was working on a computer with 850MB of disk space, logging on to AOL for the first time. My brother says they couldn’t do a lot of classic TV shows now because they were all based on limitations of technology that we’ve since conquered. His example was “Seinfeld,” where half the humor (if you can call it that) was based on one not being able to find another.

      I keep having to remind myself that Angelina Jordan is only twelve and thus too young to fall in love with. Her voice is tremendous, and you can see how she flirts with the camera. She’s been able to sing like that since she was seven. Agreed, at first she was mimicking Billie Holliday, Dinah Washington etc., but now she’s letting more of her own voice come through. Check out some of the songs she did when she was seven and competing on “Norway’s got talent.” It’ll blow you away.

      And I can just imagine the damage Crazy Russian Hacker and I could have caused when we were younger. Between him filling the kitchen with carbon dioxide fumes and me spraying furniture polish into open flame…


  2. OMG! radio Shack!! My ex worked at that place for quite a few years and they have their own unique customer base. He even had names for some of them like Capt. Drooley and the Cat Urine Twins. Poor Sears and A & P. The little girl does have an a,azimg set of pipes and the dry ice experiment is actually really cool..no pun intended


    1. Like on The Big Bang Theory, where one of the regulars at the comic book store is Captain Sweat Pants? I can imagine there were some pretty weird characters who were also good customers. I can sympathize. I spent more than my share of time at Radio Shack once upon a time, mostly for little things like cables that have RCA plugs at one end and a 1/8″ miniplug at the other.

      I found myself feeling kind of wistful watching the video of defunct stores. I grew up shopping at Sears and Ward’s, and while A&P was nowhere near as big in the Chicago area, there were plenty of other stores that have vanished. A guy I follow on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram tracks defunct Chicago businesses and places that have vanished over the years. It’s sad, even though I know they no longer filled the need that they served at one time.

      Angelina’s a pretty amazing talent. It started out with her mimicking different singers, but I can see how she’s branching away from that a little and we’re hearing more of her and less of Billie Holiday and Dinah Washington. In another couple of years I think we’ll hear more of her own voice. She’s doing it the right way, learning to sing by emulating great singers, learning how to modulate her voice and keep time.

      Crazy Russian Hacker and I are kindred souls. ‘Nuff said…


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