Another Example of What Happens When I Go With “Stream Of Consciousness” #socs

An old joke from Boy’s Life magazine back when I was reading it:

Did you hear about the snake charmer who married a funeral director? The towels in their bathroom say “Hiss” and Hearse.”

When I think “his” and “hers,” naturally I think of the late 70’s-early 80’s TV show Hart To Hart, with Robert Wagner, Stefanie Powers, and Lionel Stander. Remember at the open, they had the two of them driving side-by-side in his-and-hers cars?

I heard they’re looking into the death of Wagner’s wife, Natalie Wood, again, and again he’s a person of interest. I think it was a terrible accident, nothing more.

Here’s one of the weirdest things I can think of: his-and-hers bathtubs.

There’s a company in Los Angeles called His & Her Hair that specializes in hair extensions, wigs and toupees “for men and women with style.” Only in LA… There are probably many other companies like this one, not to mention things like The Hair Club For Men. I’ll bet they even opened one in Russia after the Communist Party fell in the early 90’s. You know who would have been a perfect person to be in charge of it? Mikhail Gorbachev!

“I am not just president of Russian Hair Club For Men, I am also comrade.” (source:

Wonder if his wife called him “Spot”? Anyway…

I feel sorry for Christopher Knight, who was Bobby on The Brady Bunch. Now he apears in commercials for a hair-restoration company. That’s got to be a big come-down for him.

Speaking of LA and The Brady Bunch (we were, sort of), Eve Plumb, who played Jan, the middle daughter, bought herself a house on the beach in Malibu for $55,000 back when the show was running, and sold it a couple of years ago for $3.9 million. She bought it in 1969 when she was eleven. Wow, cute and smart. That’s another one of those “Ginger or Mary Ann?” questions, “Marcia or Jan?” I spent a lot of Friday nights with both of them in the 70’s, which should tell you something about my social life in high school.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday is brought to you each week by Linda Hill and this station. Now, here are Florence Henderson (who played Carol Brady, as it happens) and Phil Hayes for the 1959 Oldsmobiles!

I swear, that was a total coincidence…

23 thoughts on “Another Example of What Happens When I Go With “Stream Of Consciousness” #socs

  1. Now that pun is funny and my ex would love it. I used to watch Hart to Hart all the time and remember that opening credits. I believe that Natalie Wood did not just try to get into a dingy and miss and die, I do believe something more happened but nothing premeditated. She had a phobic fear of water so I don’t think she would want to get into that dingy on her own. I think there was a drunken argument and accusations were hurled at one another. Christopher Walken probably went to bed to avoid the skirmish. I thinkshe might have pushed Wagner the way one does when one is drunk and arguing. He might have pushed her and she fell overboard, hitting her head in The process. DrunkenWagner got scared and didn’t know what to do so he went back to his room. Meanwhile she was out there yelling for help….something happened and if the people came clean way back when, all would be ok now. Sorry, I do go on. Jan..Eve Plumb was the smartest, remember she was the only one who decided not to do that dreadful variety show.


    1. I never watched the Brady Bunch variety show, but I’ve heard it was just awful. Those were the days when everyone had a variety show, though.

      It’d be nice to know for certain what happened to Natalie Wood. I agree, it was likely just a terrible mishap and everyone coming clean when all was said and done would have been the best resolution to the case.


  2. Hiss and Hearse, cute. Watched Hart to Hart and yes, I think Natalie Wood’s drowning was just an accident too, but Walken and Wagner will probably take the true story to their graves too.


    1. It’s probably a situation where they’re both too embarrassed to talk about it. One of those situations where they wouldn’t want to show their faces again if the real truth came out. Pride makes people do strange things.

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