BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “Fly Me To The Moon” Results

I was going to publish this yesterday, and forgot completely about it. We had to go to the Social Security office and order replacement cards, because ours have managed to go missing and I need mine to get a state ID to replace my driver’s license, which I’m giving up because I haven’t driven in 11 years and the license is set to expire on my birthday, anyway. We wanted to get there when they opened at 9, thinking we’d get out sooner, but of course the place was packed when we got there, leading me to believe that even though they say they open at 9, they open earlier, maybe 8 or so. Or maybe everyone else had the same idea. Whatever.

Anyhow, the votes are in and here are the results.

Astrud Gilberto: 8
Angelina Jordan: 2

Congratulations to Astrud for her win and a pat on the back for Angelina for a job well done.

The general opinion was that Angelina was just too young to be singing the song, and that she probably didn’t understand the words, and I don’t disagree. She has an uncanny knack for listening to and imitating other singers (her imitation of Billie Holiday is remarkable), but that’s as far as it goes for now. I’m hoping that she finds her own voice and makes her own emotional attachment to the songs she sings. That might be several years off. Still, you have to admire what she can do.

The next couple of battles are going to somehow involve songs that were originally performed by Ruby Nash and her backing group, The Romantics. Tune in again next Thursday, March 1, for the first. See you then!

5 thoughts on “BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “Fly Me To The Moon” Results

    1. You know how these battles are. Sometimes you think you know how it’ll turn out but you get surprised. I’m really not surprised by this outcome. I did think Angelina would get a couple more votes, but you can never really tell.


    1. Compared to our DMV, the Social Security office is chaos. I swear, some people were there when we arrived and were still there when we left, and I know they weren’t just homeless people hanging out in there. We got there at 9 and the place was jammed. We were lucky, though: we found a handicapped spot right in front.


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