A Brief Word About Doors #socs

Naturally, when given a prompt, my mind immediately jumps to music, and since this week’s prompt is “door,” I thought of a couple of things. One is Jim Lowe’s 1956’s song “Behind The Green Door,” which has nothing to do with the Marilyn Chambers movie of the same name.

And, of course, I thought of The Doors…

I know a number of you participate in Norm Frampton’s “Thursday Doors” blog hop. Just want all of you to know that I enjoy the pictures you share. I’d join you, but I really suck at photography.

Of course, I didn’t read the directions, which were to write about a door I walked through that wasn’t my own. One I’ve walked through a lot this week is the door at Starbucks, which just happens to be where I am right now. We spend a lot of time here. It’s a good place to get away from Minnie’s demands to be fed constantly.

And right about there would be a good place to stop.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday is brought to you each week by Linda Hill and this station. Now a word from Continental Airlines. If you can’t fly Continental, try to have a nice trip anyway…

19 thoughts on “A Brief Word About Doors #socs

  1. “Riders on the Storm” is my favorite Doors song! I always feel like it should be raining and dreary for that song and when it comes on and it’s actually sunny out, it just doesn’t do it for me.
    When you mentioned about walking through a door that wasn’t your own for some reason I thought about walking through the wrong door and I immediately thought about one New Years Eve when I was with a group of friend’s and we were all hanging out at my friend Molly’s house. Of course the bunch of us were imbibing heavily and Molly got the big idea to go crash in on some old friends of hers who lived somewhere close by in the neighborhood. So she drives us over there and parks in front of the house and we, the motley crew, with drinks in hand, go to the front door. Molly rings the bell and when the door opens we all yell HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! And there’s dead silence. Molly says “Oh, is Janet here?” And the guy at the door says “Nobody here by that name” and Molly looks at us and then back to the guy and she goes, “Well I was wonderin’ when the hell Janet got that new boat that we passed in the driveway.” And everybody cracks up and Molly is apologizing for ringing their bell after midnight and here we all are with our drinks in our hands and the guy says “Ah hell, it’s New Years. C’mon in and have some drinks with us. We just have a few friends over celebrating too.” So we all pile into this total strangers house and have drinks with them for a while and then we set off to find the right house we were supposed to be at… It was a memorable evening for sure…

    Doors. A good prompt…

    Michele at Angels Bark

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  2. The Doors are beyond most music of today. Riders of the Storm is such a great song and when you think of the words and the music and compare it to the basic hash of today…they is no comparison. Starbucks is expensive I find but this is my C4edit Counsellor coming out. Our door shows wear and tear from one pussy cat that has made deep grooves in it. …she redecorated it🙂


    1. Cats like to decorate that way, don’t they? I have a couple of thresholds that will need to be repaired at some point.

      We own stock in Starbucks, so I figure any money I spend there will find its way back to me eventually…


  3. Random door thoughts:

    Don’t you love her madly… wanna be her daddy…
    – Jim Morrison

    And he thought he heard the echoes of a… penny whistle band
    And the laughter from a distant caravan
    And the brightly-painted line of circus… wagons in the sand
    Fading through the door into summer.
    – Chip Douglas/Bill Martin, sung by Mike Nesmith

    My grandfather befriended western painter Ace Powell, and I grew up looking at Powell’s painting Ghost Town. Years later I saw this doorway at Bodie Ghost Town and was reminded of Powell’s painting – https://tinyurl.com/yaksxtze


    1. For a minute, I thought the picture was the painting, and I was about to say “wow, sure is realistic.” Duh…

      Thank heaven for DuckDuckGo… I wasn’t sure where that second song was from, though I had a feeling it was either the Monkees or Mike as a solo. They were much better musicians than anyone gave them credit for…


  4. I went through the Starbucks doors today, I did. They remodeled. I didn’t notice the change in furniture, but the floors were gawdawful, John, big slab tiles of concrete that you’d see in someone’s yard. :/ Oy. Anyway, the girl said they’d been remodeled in July, so clearly I’ve hit the drive-thru A LOT since summer. lol


    1. “Behind The Green Door” is one of those songs I remember vaguely. I think Sha Na Na sang it on one of their shows, and that’s really the only place I know it from.

      After Jim Morison died, the other three Doors tried to keep the band going, and actually put out a couple of pretty good albums, but no one was really interested in hearing them without Morrison. Ray Manzarek, the organist (who passed away a couple of years ago), is another Chicago guy…

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  5. I remember “Green Door” being a song in one of my old guitar books from the sixties. I always thought it seemed like a weird song until I saw it performed in some old TV show I think. The song made more sense to me now that I’m older. It’s still kind of a weird song though.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


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