BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “Hey There Lonely Boy/Girl”

Don’t ask me why, I just think this will make a good battle. I don’t know any other way to introduce this, so I’ll just jump right into it.

In 1963, Ruby & The Romantics reached #1 with their best-known and most-successful song, “Our Day Will Come.” Later that year, they released Earl Shulman and Leon Carr’s “Hey There, Lonely Boy.” It reached the Top 30 (#27) on the Hot 100 and #5 on the US Adult Contemporary chart.

In 1970, Eddie Holman took the song, gave it a sex change (so to speak), making it “Hey There, Lonely Girl,” and sang it in a falsetto. His version went to #1 is the US and Canada and #4 in the UK, his highest-charting single in all three countries.

So, which one do you like better? There’s a lot to be said for both versions, so listen to both and let me know which of them you like better. Then take yourself over to the BoTB blog of Stephen T. McCarthy, where, in the right-hand column, you’ll find a list of all the usual participants in the BoTB. Check out those blogs and, if they’re running a battle, vote in theirs.

I’ll post the results of my battle next Thursday, March 8, so be sure and get your vote in before then. The lines are now open. Best of luck to Ruby & The Romantics and Eddie Holman!

7 thoughts on “BATTLE OF THE BANDS: “Hey There Lonely Boy/Girl”

  1. I can’t recall ever hearing the version by Ruby and Co.–it’s really nice. The Eddie Holman version I’ve heard plenty as it got a lot of airplay when it was on the charts. I always liked the Holman version, but now I much prefer the Romantics version. I prefer the tempo, the backing voices, instrumentation, and lead vocals–everything.

    My vote goes to Ruby and the Romantics.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


  2. Hey, JOHN, I think I’d heard both versions of this song before. Well, certainly the Holman rendition, but the RUBY & THE ROMANTICS recording sounds really familiar, too.

    And I gotta run with RUBY on this. I like Holman’s version pretty well, but I’m not a huge fan of male falsetto singing. (Nearly all of my favorite Tiny Tim songs have him using his natural baritone voice.)

    ~ D-FensDogG
    STMcC Presents ‘Battle Of The Bands’


  3. I don’t know this song but I must go with Ruby and the Romantics for their nice styling of this song. Doesn’t the guy on the left look like Eddie Murphy. Now, I like some falsetto but…no no no to poor Eddie. In fact, when I watched him sing, his eyes looked liked they went cross-eyed because someone kicked hi seve4ely in the nuts. It’s just too gooey…ughh, the song, for my liking.


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