The Friday 5×2: Surf!

Been working on my preparation for the A to Z Challenge when I realized “hey, I have a Friday 5×2 to get out the door!” Not a whole lot of thought went in to this. In fact, all I’m gonna do is put the songs out there for your listening pleasure. Enjoy!

  1. The Surfaris, “Wipeout”
  2. The Chantays, “Pipeline”
  3. The Ventures, “Walk, Don’t Run”
  4. The Pyramids, “Penetration”
  5. The Belairs, “Mr. Moto”
  6. Dick Dale, “The Wedge”
  7. The Aqua Velvets, “Surf Nouveau”
  8. The Astronauts, “Baja”
  9. The Centurions, “Bullwinkle”
  10. Bobby Fuller, “Stringer”

And there’s a quick Friday 5×2 for March 2, 2018.

12 thoughts on “The Friday 5×2: Surf!

  1. My brother had a little band back in the early high school days and of course we girls all had a crush on the drummer. Wipeout was a favorite of theirs : ) Thanks for visiting my blog last week. I’m way behind on reading and commenting but am trying to catch up. I hope to participate in the A-Z this year. I missed it for the first time last year but my calendar isn’t quite as crazy this spring. Have a great weekend!


    1. Hope you’ll do A to Z this year. It promises to be just as much fun as ever.

      Drummers are behind guitarists and keyboardists for getting the girls. Bass players usually come in last…


  2. Dick Dale is my oldest brother Doug’s all-time favorite. The Ventures did the original theme from Hawaii 5-0. Book ‘em, Dano!


    1. I had a chance to see Dick Dale when I was in Denver on business a few years back, but got lost on the way to the venue…

      The H50 theme tests your ability to transpose. Every time you go through the melody, it’s in a different key. Kind of like Johnny Cash’s “I Walk The Line.”


  3. John, I’ve been scrambling, too. I’m never this far behind, and like to have my A to Z posts written and scheduled by now. I’m up to the letter J and should be able to get them done this weekend.


    1. I haven’t even started writing any of my entries. I’m just finalizing my word list, because until the other day I hadn’t even finalized my theme. You’ll hear about it on March 19.


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