Writer’s Workshop: Eight Accomplishments This Week

So, you wanna know what I’ve been up to this week?

  1. I did our state and local taxes. I used the H&R Block tax software, as I have for the last several years. No refund, but I don’t have to pay anything, either.
  2. I went to the periodontist yesterday. The implant that they put in after they pulled my tooth last summer has sufficiently set in there that he can remove the “healing cap” that he placed on the implant and replace it with a cap that will hold my new false tooth. I haven’t missed having a tooth there, and frankly I’d just as soon leave it empty. Dealing with my regular dentist has been a comedy of errors, with the dentist who has been working on this project having left to go into private practice, and I have my doubts about the new dentist (who looks like he just got out of dental school) being able to continue what she had been doing.
  3. I got my new state ID today. I haven’t driven since my stroke, and it seemed kind of pointless to renew my driver’s license, so I surrendered that and have a temporary ID, with the new ID arriving some time in the next two weeks.
  4. I’ve written about half the entries for this year’s A to Z Challenge. I’m in excellent position to have all of them finished well in advance of April 1, when the Challenge begins. It’s the highlight of my blogging year.
  5. I created a new email account for the Challenge, because no one can remember the password from last year. The new one is atozteam2018@gmail.com, in case you were wondering.
  6. I had my teeth cleaned. Not a huge thing, but it’s something.
  7. I finished the Two Dots weekly Treasure Hunt in about two hours. Every Thursday, they come out with a seven-level challenge that earns you a badge, like this one that I won last week. Notice that I was the 4,541st person to complete the treasure hunt worldwide. To be honest, I’m starting to get bored with Two Dots, mostly because they can’t come up with new levels in the regular game fast enough to keep up with me.
  8. And I kept my streak of consecutive days of blogging intact. That’s 1,347 days straight. I haven’t figured out what the average number of words per day is, but if today is a typical one, it would average about 400 words a day, so I’ve written over half a million words over that period.

Not bad, huh?

32 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: Eight Accomplishments This Week

  1. Half of the blog posts already?! You are awesome. I need to get started on mine. I’m glad I already have topics for each day.
    I think you accomplished a lot this week! 🙂

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  2. Wowie! I have my letters picked but no actual writing yet. We use H & R too but I go and have them do it because I have my home business which can get tricky. We are getting back but not much. We are going to get our driver’s licenses renewed tomorrow. We could do it by mail but they are changing the air travel rules and if you want to fly after 2020 you need special IDs so we are taking the time to do that now. Pain in the butt to bring all the additional forms of ID needed but who knows when we’ll have to take a trip somewhere. Did you get special ID in case you fly? Congrats on the consecutive days! I’ve enjoyed reading the last 3 years worth 🙂


    1. The Georgia driver’s license had most of the requirements for the TSA, and I always carried my birth certificate just in case. The Georgia ID has all the requirements, so even though I no longer travel, I can identify myself when I vote (although I do that by mail now).

      We had brought our taxes to an accountant for years, but discovered after I retired that they were simple enough to handle with the software. When I start drawing from my IRA (a 401(k) rollover) I might need to hire an accountant again.

      Glad you’ve enjoyed the posts. I’ve enjoyed writing them.

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  3. I just finished my “Z” post yesterday afternoon, but you’ve accomplished much more, John! I’m just relieved to have all the posts written and scheduled. This year I was way behind, because I kept changing my theme. Never again!
    Congratulations on the daily blogging, too. 👏👏👏👏


    1. Good for you on finishing the posts for next month. That’ll give you lots of time to run around and find new blogs and build some new traffic for yourself.

      Now that I’ve been doing it for over three years, turning out a post every day is easy. The first month or so really killed me.


  4. Hi John – congratulations on those achievements – I’m into sorting my A-Zs out … but you’ve done so well – good luck with the teeth! Cheers Hilary


  5. I got my teeth cleaned this past Monday. Going to the dentist is among my least favorite things–no matter what I’m there for.

    I blogged daily for my first year and that was it for me. Now it’s unusual for me to blog more than once a week. Your blogging streak is admirable. And so is having half your April posts done. I’m just now formulating my ideas and thinking about composing the posts.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


    1. Last week’s dental appointment with the dentist at the place I’ve been going was less than satisfactory. Like I said, the dentist who had done the original work to send me to the periodontist left to go into private practice, and the new dentist hadn’t reviewed the work she did, and even though she took impressions and I paid for the crowns, I’m worried they’ll try to charge me for them again. I wish the periodontist could be my dentist; Mary and I both like him, and he at least knows what’s been going on in our mouths.

      I’m glad I still have most of the month to finish A to Z. I’m at the point now where when I start an entry I think of a better word to go with the letter, so my final word list will probably look nothing like the original. But that’s the fun of it…


    1. It doesn’t take me that long to do them with the software. Of course, they’ve gotten simpler since I retired. We used to send them out to an accountant.

      I do them in the early part of March, because by then any amended douments come in. I don’t want to have to file an amended return, because that can be a pain. I use the H&R Block software and it makes things a whole lot faster.


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