New Instagram Account!

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I got an Instagram account a while back, and as people are often wont to do, I went a little crazy following people. Anyway, the other day I was looking at my timeline, and started asking myself, “Did I actually follow them?” I started deleting the users one by one, which is a time-consuming task becaue every time you try and delete someone, it comes back and asks “Are you sure you want to delete them?” Finally, last night I said “screw this,” set up a new account, and copied the users I wanted to follow from my old one (because I couldn’t find a way to do it with a bulk add, which would have taken twenty minutes and everything would be hunky-dory). Eventually (I said on my old account I was going to do it tomorrow, but I managed to hit a ceiling and they won’t let me follow any more until Sunday) I’ll delete the old account.

Anyway, the social media widget on the upper right now points at my new Instagram account, if you want to follow me there.

If the powers that be that run Instagram (who are the same powers that be that run Facebook) would stop trying to decide for me what I want to see and just give me everything in chronological order, this wouldn’t have been necessary, but no….

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    1. I thougt it was pretty ingenious. Instagram didn’t like that I was adding all the followers at once, though, and said I can’t follow anymore until tomorrow. I still have around 200 on the old account, plus all the new folks and the ones they brought. Maybe I should just do them a few at a time…

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