Monday’s Music Moves Me: Colors Again

The theme is “Colors” again, so I went off in search of songs I hadn’t done before. I added a couple of new ones but most are old favorites.

  1. Tom Jones, “The Green Green Grass of Home” A country classic, first recorded by Porter Wagoner in 1965, but Tom had the big hit with it, going to #1 worldwide in 1966.
  2. Dean Martin, “Red Sails In The Sunset” A standard done by everyone from Nat King Cole to The Beatles. Dean makes it look easy on his weekly show, sitting on the couch, cigarette in hand, and singing like he’s in your living room. Which, when you think about it, he was, or in the den or wherever you had your TV.
  3. 1910 Fruitgum Company, “1 2 3 Red Light” I read once that they named themselves after an old gum wrapper one of the band found in a suit his grandfather owned. This came out in 1968 and went to #5 on the Hot 100 and #1 on the Canadian RPM Singles chart.
  4. Neil Diamond, “Forever In Blue Jeans” Neil’s written some great songs and this is one of them. Reached #20 on the Hot 100 and #2 on the Adult Contemporary chart in 1979.
  5. The Neighborhood, “Big Yellow Taxi” A song by Joni Mitchell covered by a local Chicago band, one of whom lived in my neighborhood. It was a hit on WLS in 1970 and went to #29 nationally.
  6. Peter Green’s Fleetwood Mac, “Black Magic Woman” Kind of a twofer, when you think about it. The Sixties version of Fleetwood Mac featured British blues guitar legend Peter Green, who wrote the song and sang on it. This was released in 1968, two years before Santana had a hit with it.
  7. Perez Prado, “Cherry Pink and Apple Blossom White” Two colors in the title for the price of one! The song was originally titled “Cerisiers Roses et Pommiers Blancs” and the music was written in 1950 by the French composer Louiguy. Jacques LaRue wrote the French lyrics, while Mack David wrote the English ones, but Prado’s instrumental version was a smash hit in 1955.
  8. The Kingston Trio, “Greenback Dollar” My aunts used to sing this one all the time. Hoyt Axton wrote it, and the Kingston Trio did it on their third 1962 release New Frontier. It peaked at #21 on the Hot 100 and reached #6 on the Adult Contemporary chart in 1963, despite radio stations having to bleep out the word “damn” in the chorus.
  9. Leroy Anderson, “Blue Tango” Leroy Anderson wrote a number of popular and somewhat quirky songs, including “Holiday For Strings,” “The Syncopated Clock,” and “The Typewriter.” The Boston Pops Orchestra recorded many of his songs, including this one. This was the #1 record for 1952.
  10. Django Reinhardt, “Limehouse Blues” Again, two colors in the name (lime is a shade of green). Django recorded this with Stephane Grappelli and the rest of the Quintette du Hot Club de France in the Thirties.
  11. Mel McDaniel, “Baby’s Got Her Blue Jeans On” Somehow Neil Diamond’s “Forever In Blue Jeans” and this song have become linked in my mind and I can’t do one without the other. This was a #1 hit for Mel in 1984.
  12. Roger Whitaker, “Yellow Bird” The last time we did colors, my brother told me that, unless I included this song, my aunts would do me bodily harm. There are hundreds of versions of this, including one by The Kingston Trio, but I had already done one by them. I found this, which is a rare version of the song apparently only found on a Canadian children’s album. Roger Whitaker had a great voice and sold lots of albums, mostly from TV comercials.

And that’s Monday’s Music Moves Me for March 12, 2018.

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49 thoughts on “Monday’s Music Moves Me: Colors Again

  1. I don’t remember if I saw the earlier version, but my number one color song (today) would be “Blue Sky” by the Allman Brothers. And since Peach is a color, the fact that it’s on their “Eat a Peach” album should count twice.

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    1. I used to hear UB40’s version all the time when I moved to Atlanta, which was ’87-’88, so yes, it made it across the ocean. Neil Diamond’s original is a little more melancholy and puts a whole other light on the song. It’s a good song regardless of who does it.

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  2. Great selection for a recycled theme πŸ™‚ All really good songs, and I’m happy to have them playing in the background as I do my chores both online and offline today.



  3. Hi John – these sound all great songs – some I know … but love the colour connection – great to have them here for reference. And Annalisa’s red red wine … cheers Hilary


    1. A lot of other bloggers do Monday’s Music Moves Me, and all were working off the same theme. Marie Moody ( has the linky, if you want to head over to her place and see what others came up with. I’ve visited all of them that were there, and they’re all great!


  4. What a great array of colors and songs! I’d almost forgotten 123 Red Light!
    RE: your comment on my post: It irks me to no end seeing St. Paddy’s spelled the other way. I post about it days in advance and people still do it.


    1. I suppose it’s to be expected. We use the English spelling (Patrick) rather than the Irish (Padraig), so it’s kind of intuitive to spell it with a “t” isnstead of a “d.” Intuitive, perhaps, but R-O-N-G wrong! πŸ˜†


  5. Awwww Tom Jones and old favorite with a fantastic voice and he use to be really HOT! HAHAHAHA… This tune is one of my favorites. What a range he has, huh? And just look at all that other work you did… dang you people surely do your homework don’t ya!!! LOVE IT! Gotta run my doctor’s appt is in a half hour & it’ll take me that long to get there. Have a rockin’ week my friend! BIG HUGS


    1. I’ve always thought that if something was worth doing, it was worth doing big. I’ve done a lot of color posts, so I’m always trying to come up with songs I haven’t used before. I’m glad you enjoyed it!


  6. Please do it! Please do it! Please do it! YES!!! You did it! “Black Magic Woman” Black is not a color; it is the lack of color. I learned that from the nuns. Just messin’ with ya! Great list.


    1. Depends on whether you’re talking about light or pigment. With light, that’s right, it’s the absence of color; with pigment, if you mix red, yellow and blue paint, you’ll come pretty close to black. Mix red, green, and blue light, you get white. Weird, huh?


  7. Gosh…I fell behind once again…nothing new. Some great music here which I love especially Blue Tango which I always loved. I also love Long Cool Woman. I wish I could think of more..but I can’t. Happy tired Monday


    1. Leroy Anderson is what I’d call one of America’s great composers. Maybe not on the level of George Gershwin or Cole Porter, but he wrote some memorable and catchy tunes.


  8. John,

    Oh good heavens, I nearly died when I saw that your playlist features a song that I plan to use at the end of next month for Earth Day theme. I won’t say which, so to not spoil it for ya but just know when you stumble on it I didn’t steal it from you without crediting you. πŸ˜€ I shared 1-2-3 Redlight in recent weeks on my blog after accidentally stumbling on it and that was the first time to hear it in years, too. It’s a really catchy, fun song. “Forever Blue Jeans” is a song I used in a recent BoTB, too. WOW, I haven’t heard “Baby’s Got Her Blue Jeans On” in forever. Your playlist mix had both familiar and new-to-me song tracks which I always enjoy. Thanks for sharing and for hitting the dance floor with the 4M gang, my friend. Have a colorific week! πŸ˜‰


    1. Oh right, we’re doing Earth Day next month…

      Is it perhaps the first song? πŸ˜‰

      I have to say, of all the lists I’ve come up with, this might have been the best.


      1. John,

        Ahh, I knew you were much too clever for your own good and now the Cathy is out of the bag. Yes, it’s the first one. Earth Day theme is on April 23. Just so you’ll know I try to keep the themes updated and listed on my side menu. I like knowing ahead of time and I know there are others who feel the same. This is an excellent playlist for sure. You did a great job. πŸ™‚


    1. Fleetwood Mac was an excellent British blues band when Peter Green was with them, and his songs were unique. I understand why FM turned pop, not that I like it that much.


  9. Hi John,
    Wow, you started off with a song I remember fondly, “The Green Green Grass of Home”. Tom Jones was the hot ticket back then I remember, my mom and all her friends talked about how sexy he was. πŸ™‚
    I enjoyed Dean Martin’s singing that song on his couch – you’re right, he makes it look easy. I never really paid much attention to him, he’s a little before my time, but he does indeed have a good voice.

    I don’t remember the 1910 Fruitgum Company but that’s an interesting way they came up with their name. Have you ever looked up that chewing gum? There is a lot of gum that’s not around anymore. I used to love Black Jack gum. Remember that?? Here’s the Wiki link to it: it has an interesting history:
    Speaking of gum: this is kinda cool: my name actually shows up on IMDB. What?? Yep, I’m listed as one of the Researchers on the documentary film “Andy Paris: Bubblegum King”. He was the first guy to mass produce bubble gum. He’s from south Texas. I was taking a Screenwriting class at Austin Community College at the time and the class instructor, Luke Garza, was an associate producer on the film. He recruited me to help out with gathering research on Andy’s life back in his hometown of McAllen, Texas. Here’s the IMDB link to the film:
    I always got a kick out of having my name on IMDB. None of my other friends have their names on IMDB. πŸ™‚
    Although they did misspell my first name, which always ticks me off. It’s Michele with one L, people…ONE L! dammit! πŸ™‚ But hey, at least they got the last name right, since we are the only Truhlik’s in the US and none left to carry on the family name. I would’ve really been pissed off had that been misspelled! πŸ™‚

    I’m only familiar with the Kingston Trio through their song “Where Have All the Flowers Gone”. That’s a good one. Although I do kinda recognize the Greenback Dollar song…I’m pretty sure the melody is registering as familiar in my memory banks…

    I can totally see why you connect Neil Diamond’s and Mel McDaniel’s blue jeans songs. I like both of them.
    I also really liked the video that went to Roger Whitaker’s “Yellow Bird”.

    Great color post John. You sure came up with some good ones!
    Have a great weekend. I’ll be over to check out your BOTB later on…won’t be today, hopefully this weekend.

    Michele at Angels Bark


    1. Every once in a while they decide to re-release Black Jack, Clove, and Beeman’s gum again. Adams made some good ones. They also made Cinnamint and Teaberry. You can usually get them at some off the vintage candy places.

      Was you mother one of those who threw their underwear on the stage while Tom was singing? He had that effect on women.

      You ought to fill in the biography and whatever on IMDb. I know I would. I’m jealous…

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Fill in the biography on IMDB? hmm, never thought about that! Didn’t even know I could do that…
        And no, my mom did not throw her underwear at Tom Jones, however she did come with me and a bunch of my wild friends and went to a male stripper show. We were a wild and crazy table, there were at least 10 of us there. The emcee was playing with the audience and he commented about how much fun we were having so he pointed to my mom and said for her to come up on stage. We urged and convinced her to go and he just asked her a bunch of silly questions: are you oversexed? is your husband oversexed? yada yada. And then he said she would get a prize for being a good sport and he gave her…. Drum roll….a Pet Cock. Do you remember the Pet Rock craze? It was during that time. So here’s the box, complete with breathe-holes in it (just like the pet rocks used to come in) and inside was this little “pet cock” plastic/rubber penis. haha. He said something like “Do you like it?” and she comes back with “Ah, it’s too small for me…” Roaring funny stuff. You had to be there. And imbibing heavily like we all were….
        Great memory.


  10. I listened to many of these with my husband, because we both love instrumentals. He thought of a song, Green Light by American Breed, that I had never heard of. (Maybe I should encourage him to do a guest post for me one day – he’s not a musician but his Dad was.) Lots of memories here; love hearing the real oldies from time to time.


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