Two For Tuesday: Bobby Vee

I’ve done a Two for Tuesday featuring Bobby Vee a while back, right after he passed away in October 2016 from Alzheimer’s disease at the age of 73. I was just going to repeat that one, but I noticed that one of the videos had disappeared (as YouTube videos are often wont to do), so I’m going to play the video that disappeared and another. Check out the previous entry for his history and a couple of other great songs by Bobby.

The missing video is “Come Back When You Grow Up.” The song’s a little outside the parameters I set, having reached #3 in 1967.

Today’s second video is “Run To Him.” This was a follow-up hit to “Take Good Care Of My Baby,” and it reached #2 in 1961.

Bobby Vee, your Two For Tuesday, March 20, 2018.

17 thoughts on “Two For Tuesday: Bobby Vee

    1. There was a lot to be said for the pop music of the early Sixties. People tend to forget it because it came between the early rock era in the Fifties and the British Invasion. At the time it seemed like r&r had died out.

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  1. Those sure are some great songs! Thanks for posting them, as I hadn’t heard them in a long time. … now, if I may ask a question off the music topic? On the A to Z challenge, is there a certain page we are to use for daily ping-backs, or is that a non issue this year? (sorry, I may have missed reading about this). Thanks!


    1. I don’t know if you saw the reply to the comment you left on the Challenge blog, but we’re not doing pingbacks this year. We’ll have a daily Google Form (the link will be in the daily post during the challenge), similar to the one we used for the initial signup and the Theme reveal, that you’ll update with the URL of your post for that day. It’ll build a spreadsheet that will also be linked in the daily post where you can see everyone who has posted that day. Hopefully it’ll avoid the confusion and problems we had last year.


      1. Thanks, John. This is quite a bit different, but sounds pretty easy to do. Looking forward to April 1st. Thanks for getting back to me with this information. 🙂


  2. When I was younger, a lot younger, there were two popular “Bobby” pop singers. One was Bobby Vee and the other was Bobby Vinton. I liked them both but I always used to get the two mixed up. I still do.


  3. I love these 2 songs and don’t remember ever hearing them before but I love this music. The second one reminds me of the 60s because of the musical instruments used..I think the violins?


    1. I think the violins add a lot to that song and give it a definite early-60’s vibe. The music of that era, between 1959 and 1964, gets forgotten a lot, because it wasn’t rock & roll and was closer to what Andy Williams and Perry Como were doing. I remember I read an article about the movie “American Graffiti,” which was supposedly set in 1962 but nearly all the music was chosen from earlier than that because the popular music then didn’t “sound” the way they thought it should…


  4. The missing video was showing for me…and I even listened to it. You got to love YouTube sometimes. Every once in a while I have issues with my Musical Monday with videos not showing up. I love Bobby Vee!


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