A Sweet Sixteen #1LinerWeds

Go Ramblers!

I don’t usually spotlight college basketball here on the blog, but my alma mater, Loyola University Chicago, is one of the Sweet Sixteen in this year’s NCAA Tournament. They play against Nevada at 7:07 PM ET tomorrow at Philips Arena here in Atlanta. (I won’t be there; I don’t have tickets, and besides, getting around is a bit difficult for me.) The Ramblers won the NCAA Tournament in 1963; will there be a repeat 55 years later? Tune in tomorrow!

One-Liner Wednesday is brought to you each week by Linda Hill and this station. Now a word from General Mills, makers of Cheerios.

I love the chuch bell tolling in the background as Peggy goes home to meet her doom for the bad report card.

24 thoughts on “A Sweet Sixteen #1LinerWeds

  1. Loyola totally busted one of my brackets! Almost every year, I go with the lower ranked teams and never do well. This year I didn’t and there is so much excitement! I should have had more faith in my K-State Wildcats as they also made it to the Sweet 16! It’s exciting to see both K-State and KU in there. Have a happy Wednesday!


    1. I have a nephew that went to KU, so I’m sure he’s happy they’re in the tournament. I really don’t follow the NCAA Tournament in basketball (the baseball tournament, on the other hand, can be pretty exciting), but I’m hoping my alma mater does well.


  2. Chicago is going nuts! Sister Jean, their 98 year old chaplin, has become a national icon. Go Ramblers!!! Trying to figure out Birgit’s comment, “My husband loves Cheerios.” -???


  3. I’m not one to follow basketball but good luck to those that do. I love Cheerios and Kroger frequently has a special freebie if you have a Kroger card. 🙂


    1. I don’t eat that much cold cereal anymore, but when I did I found that the house brand Cheerios was pretty tasty as well, and cheaper than the real thing. But you can’t beat free. The house brand raisin bran was good, too.

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  4. OMG. I’m the mother to 4 boys. It was survival. I have a bracket every year and there isn’t a sport that isn’t watched in our home. The Husband went to De Paul for his MBA and the brother-in-law went to Loyola for his undergraduate degree. We were all very surprised to see them heading for the sweet sixteen. Very disappointing season for our Blackhawks. But I think we’ll have a better year next year. Hoping to go to the Winter Classic at Notre Dame next year for the holidays. Good Luck to Loyola ⛹️‍♂️


      1. Miracles happen all the time. That little nun that they have with them seems to be doing the trick. Wouldn’t that be cool to see them go onto the elite eight, then the final four then Bam…Well you know. Keep the faith, have a great day and we’ll be watching ❤ Blessings


  5. I would normally be beyond the point where I care, as my teams are usually out by now and my brackets are usually a mess. WVU is still in the tournament and I’m 2nd in the office pool – neither will likely survive the weekend, but reason enough to watch one more round.


    1. I really don’t care about the NCAA Tournament, even with Loyola in it, but I’m hoping they do well. By tomorrow they’ll either be headed back to Chicago or a member of the “Elite Eight.” I’d like to see them make the Final Four, but it won’t break my heart if they don’t.

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  6. Neither do I… Just brings back good memories of when I had all the kids here and we would be doing brackets. I miss that and my boys. I’m pretty sure they are doing their brackets…


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