The Friday 5×2: 3,235 Weeks

My birthday is Sunday, so I’m going to play some of my favorite songs. I have a lot of favorite songs, so keeping it down to ten was a chore, and some of you who know me personally might be asking yourself “Why did he pick _____ instead of _____?” And the answer is, because it’s my birthday.

  1. Les Baxter, “The Poor People Of Paris” According to most of the sources I’ve read, this was #1 the day I was born.
  2. Bobby Vee, “The Night Has A Thousand Eyes” I just like this one. Featuring Bobby Vee this week reminded me. It’s good to sing along to.
  3. Three Dog Night, “Out In The Country” I’ve always liked the guitar in this one.
  4. Ryu Sakamoto, “Ue O Muite Arukou (Sukiyaki)” I understand why they called this one “Sukiyaki,” but it really detracts something from the meaning of the lyrics. So here it is, with the English translation of them.
  5. Dee Clark, “Raindrops” Chicago’s Dee Clark recorded this on Chicago’s Vee Jay records, but that’s not the reason I chose this. I’ve always liked the way the melody goes abruptly from major to minor at the end of the verse.
  6. The Ventures, “Walk, Don’t Run” It was a choice between this one and “Hawai’i Five-O” and this won.
  7. The Beatles, “Free As A Bird” The story goes that Yoko found a tape with a couple of songs John Lennon recorded and sent them on to the other three Beatles, who added their voices and instruments and turned this into the first new Beatles song since the group broke up in 1970. The first time I heard it, my heart jumped into my throat, and even now, it gives me the shivers.
  8. George Harrison, “When We Was Fab” George Harrison is the reason I started playing the guitar. The Quiet Beatle had a wicked sense of humor, as demonstrated here.
  9. Chicago, “Poem 58” Begins with an extended jam by Terry Kath, Jimi Hendrix’s favorite guitar player. Wish I had known that when I was in high school, where Jimi was worshipped and Terry was laughed at.
  10. Django Reinhardt, “Limehouse Blues” Django’s solo is incredible: he plays so fast, but you can hear every note, and it builds from single notes to octaves to full chords and dissonance.

This was fun. I’ll have to do it again soon. That’s your Friday 5×2 for March 23, 2018.

16 thoughts on “The Friday 5×2: 3,235 Weeks

  1. Oh, birthday boy! Great choices, as usual. “Out in the Country” is my favorite TDN song, and one of my favorites ever. George is my favorite Beatle, and Django…..well done, sir.


    1. “Out In The Country” came between “Mama Told Me Not To Come” and “Joy To The World,” and gets forgotten a lot. It’s a great song.

      I don’t think many people appreciated George until the concert for Bangladesh. He was always the somber one in the middle between perky Paul and sarcastic John, always thought of as “the little brother.” He turned out to be the best musician of the bunch.

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  2. I always wondered what was the name of the song you selected – the Poor People of Paris. Huh! Who knew :). Strange to know a song without knowing a song if that makes any sense. Happy early Birthday!!!

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    1. Thanks! And I know lots of songs for which I don’t know the name. Back in the Seventies, there were the radio stations that would play a long set, where you had to wait until it was over to find out what the songs were, and heaven help you if you miscounted or if your mother called you to dinner before you found out what it was.

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    1. For a long time, it was hard to find anything by Django unless you collected the 78’s. It wasn’t really until CD’s replaced vinyl that you could get anything by him. Or maybe I just wasn’t looking in the right places…


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