Writer’s Workshop: Instagram Mania!

Our prompt for today is:

Share your favorite photo you posted on Instagram this month and give us the back story.

As some of you might remember, I rebuilt my Instagram account recently. I kept all the guitar players and other musicians, a whole bunch of people who post cat pictures, pictures of Chicago (which I still consider to be one of the most beautitful cities elsewhere, though I’m beyond the point of wanting to move back), and the accounts of blogging buddies.

I don’t take pictures myself. My left hand, which does most of the work, doesn’t hold my phone steady enough to take pictures. We have a digital camera, but all the controls are on the right side of the camera, and I no longer have the fine motor skills in my right hand to press the button. So most of what I had been uploading have been the badges I’ve acquired by being really good at Two Dots, like this one, that I won just yesterday.

Knowing this makes for a dismal account, I decided to use the account to post all the funny stuff that I’ve collected from Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Imgur and from blog posts I have enjoyed. There’s quite a lot of it, some of which uses not-too-nice language, but I’ve found a few and shared them. Most are on the order of this one.

And this.

My favorite, though, is a tie between this one

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I reached this point about 20 years ago…

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and this

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One more. Good night!

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and, of course, this.

If you like this kind of funny stuff, follow me over there, and I’ll follow you back. My new rule is to follow everyone who follows me or leaves a like or comment on a post, except for the ones left by the “get a bazillion new followers on Instagram!” accounts.

16 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: Instagram Mania!

  1. Oh, my gosh! I needed this today. You have me in stitches. I will look you up on Instagram where I am known as Mama Naeger.


    1. It’s a game where you have to connect dots and achieve goals in a given number of moves. In addition to the dots, there are all kinds of obstacles to overcome (e.g. fire, slime, ice) and other special kinds of dots (e.g. nested dots, lotuses, beetles, etc.) that can change the game, and often accumulating a certain number of those is one of your objectives. The Wikipedia article has a pretty good description (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Two_Dots), and it’s available for both Android and iOS, if you want to try it out. Their website: https://www.dots.co/twodots/


  2. I don’t even know what Instagram is.
    I guess I will have to check it out…maybe next week. I’ll see you there.


    1. It’s a place for people to post pictures and short videos. Kind of like Snapchat, from what I understand, but not quite as interactive. It’s geared mostly for mobile devices (the only official way you can upload videos and pictures is on a mobile device). It’s good because there are some outstanding photographers who post their work there, and a lot of musicians post short videos of them playing, often linking to YouTube for the full song. I’ve found several remarkable musicians there (primarily guitar players, but also singers, keyboard players, bands etc.). Definitely worth a look.

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