The Easter Sunday Edition of The Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by Pet Evaporated Milk.

Happy Easter Eggs clip art

Happy Easter, everyone! It’ll be a quiet day here, since the Braves have taken the day off (the first time I can ever remember them taking Easter off), the White Sox-Royals game has been postponed, and Loyola took a loss yesterday to Michigan. Mary’s taking a nap after getting up hyper-early to go to sunrise Mass, so I’m being very quiet.

Today is also the start of the A to Z Challenge, which is the highlight of my blogging year (as it is for so many others). Almost 700 signed up on the pre-challenge list, and most of the will be linking here for their letter A post, so if you have some free time today, why not check out a few of them?

The Week That Was

Here’s the summary for this past week.

The topic for M4 was, once again, places. Since I’ve already done this meme several other times on the blog, I decided to go with nonspecific places, e.g. “In My Room,” which could be anywhere. People seemed to like my interpretation pretty well.

Frankie Avalon was the featured artist this past week. Guess who this week’s will be?

This week’s one-liner came from Imgur, and it had to do with the practice of yelling “horses!” whenever you’re in the car and see horses. Most people knew this as yelling “cows!” or “MOO!” when they see cows on a road trip.

I shared a few of the goofy things I’ve been posting to Instagram recently. No pictures, because I don’t actually post pictures, just silly things I find here and there and stuff I get from playing Two Dots.

I discovered I had already done songs with “sun” and “moon,” but not “star” yet, so that was my theme. So far you’ve suggested nine more songs that have “star” in the title, and I’ve thought of a couple more, so I have the next post set, which I’ll either post tomorrow or Friday, depending on my mood.

The prompt was “bun,” so I shared a bunch of words that contained that three-letter combination.


Although I posted it today, I want to draw your attention to my most-recent Battle of the Bands, “‘Eleanor Rigby’: Wes Montgomery vs. Vince Guaraldi,” matching two popular jazz musicians from the Sixties covering The Beatles’ classic. I’ll probably do another battle with the song featuring vocal versions in the very near future, maybe on April 15. If you haven’t voted in this battle yet, click the badge above, or maybe scroll down to the next post, where you can find it…

The A to Z Challenge is in full swing, and I’ve already posted my “A” post, so I’ll be doing “B” through “G” the rest of the week. Freebie day on M4 tomorrow, and I’ve been finding lots of new musicians on YouTube, so maybe I’ll feature one of them, or I might do the “star” post, depending on how I feel after this. You can probably guess who I’ll feature on Two for Tuesday. Another one-liner on Wednesday, awaiting the prompts for Thursday and Saturday, and Friday will either be stars or something else.

Thanks to Dan, J-Dub, Janet, Barbara, Deborah, JoAnna, Cathy, Kalpanaa, Eugenia, Mary B, Kip, Arlee, Uncle Jack Connelly, Jeanne, Karyn, Ally, May, Alana, Mme. Dreamweaver, Eric, Joey, Marian, Mary M, Annie, Beth, Fandango, Birgit, Judy, Maryann, Marie, Cathy Keisha, Tara, and everyone who left a “like.”

That’s it for this edition of The Week That Was. See you in the funny papers!

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  1. It has been a busy week for sure and tons of visiting and I am now, spent! Now comes the A to Z and it I still always fun of not scary.


    1. We put the list to the daily sheet in the daily posts we do during April. (today’s is here: You’ll find the link to the form to add your daily link there, right after the line that says “If you wish to include a direct link to your blog post of this day’s letter.” The link to the spreadsheet is under that, a few lines down. It’ll be different each day, so be sure and check the blog daily. The new letter posts are posted at 8 PM Eastern the day before (that’s midnight UTC). Let me know if you need anything else.


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