The Orthdox Easter Week That Was

Here’s Peg Bracken for Bird’s Eye Carrots in Brown Sugar Glaze.

The Week That Was

Καλό Πάσχα! and Счастливой Пасхи! to all my Orthodox friends. Lots to do here, so let’s get right to it.


Yes, we did have a Battle of the Bands last Sunday, “Battle ‘Eleanor Rigby’: Wes Montgomery vs. Vince Guaraldi.” Another close battle!

Vince Guaraldi: 5
Wes Montgomery: 4

Congratulations to Vince, and to Wes for making this a close one. Another battle next Sunday.

The first week of the A to Z Challenge is always a busy one, and this year was no exception. I’ll get to everyone who left comments eventually. Here are the words I used this week.

Believe it or not, I already have my word list for next year. It came to me while I was answering comments. You’ll have to wait until next March to find out what it is.

Thanks again to my readers for coming up with a great list of songs with the word “star” in the titles, after my Friday 5×2 post the week before.

I couldn’t do Frankie Avalon without following it up with Annette Funicello, so she was the artist of the day.

This week’s one-liner was a quote from Shelby Foote about the nature of a university.

The prompt was “cracked,” so I wrote about the magazine by the same name, the last and arguably most popular of the adolescent-humor magazines that was modeled after MAD.

I had inadvertently left “Starrider” off my list of reader-suggested songs on Monday. I was going to do another “star” list, then I started thinking of all the songs with “ride” in the title, and made that my list.

The prompt was “passive/aggressive,” and rather than get into a discussion about psychology I talked about passive electronics. It was a more pleasant conversation.

This week we reach the middle of the alphabet, with H through M ready to release at 1100 UTC (7:00 AM Eastern/Romeo time) on their respective days. I’m determined to catch up with comments and reading other blogs, so my other posts will be pretty simple.

Thanks to Ally, Fandango, Hester, Janet, Cathy, Iain, Jacqui, J-Dub, Trisha, Marie, Ronel, J, Liz, Saryansha, Donna, Dan, Deborah, Arlee, Scarlett, Kip, Eugenia, Sue, Hilary, Sarah, Tara, David, Beverly, Kat, Abby, Birgit, Kimberly, Susan, Morgan, Maryann, Shopgirl, Colette, Jim, Joey, Bill, Uncle Jack Connelly, Martha, Barbara, Tasha, Mark, Diedre, Alana, Natasha, Nilanjana, Sue, Allison, Samantha, Antoinette, 15andMeowing, Dana, Deborah, AWeekends in Maine, Sue, {Marcy](, Emily, Elen, Tizzy, Cathy Keisha, Mary B, Stacy, Susanne, Diane, Jamie, Csenge, Judy, Richmond Road, Bill, Annie, London, JZ, SL Finnell, AJ, Shalini, anyone I missed, and everyone who left a “like.”

And that’s it for this edition of The Week That Was. See you in the funny papers!

12 thoughts on “The Orthdox Easter Week That Was

  1. I don’t care to cook either but I will pass on the cooked carrots😝 I have to play catch up because we were gone this past weekend. We went to Collingwood which was a lot of fun but they had lousy wi-fi. Now, off to look at your other posts.


  2. Good Battle outcome and a good start to A to Z. So far I’ve done okay responding to my commenters, but I’m getting way behind in reciprocal visiting.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


    1. Same here. I spent most of yesterday writing blog entries for the first half of the week just so I’d have time to do my visiting and commenting. I forgot how much work this is…


  3. “Believe it or not, I already have my word list for next year.” Yikes, I don’t even have my word for tomorrow yet, much less for the rest of this year’s challenge.


  4. I need Peg Bracken’s cookbook. Lol. Bet it is out there somewhere in the archives.
    I may not have a word list for next year’s A-Z but I tell you this, I will have a theme next time. Winging it is for the birds. Something about planning for the future is very exciting. Happy Sunday!


    1. They still sell the “I Hate To Cookbook.” It’s available for Kindle now, and probably for other platforms as well, and of course you can get it in hardcover. Check used bookstores, too: you might find a copy of the 1960 original. It’s as much a classic as “The Joy Of Cooking.”

      This is the first time I’ve come up with a word list while the previous challenge is stil going on. I went without a theme in 2014 and I had no trouble finishing the challenge, but it wasn’t as much fun and I felt it defeated the purpose of the challenge, kind of like going trick-or-treating in your regular clothes (not that trick-or-treating was all that great to start with…).

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Ha! The Joy of Cooking … not ;). My loose theme this year is bumbling. Next year I’m getting a “costume” for sure 😆


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