Writer’s Workshop: Finally!

I feel like spring has finally gotten here. We’ve had some chilly and rainy weather the last couple of weeks, more like winter than spring, with temperatures getting down into the 30’s at night. I know, a lot of people (maybe you) have been dealing with real weather, and here I’m complaining because it’s a little chilly at night. It even sounds weird to me, because I grew up in Chicago, where 34° (that’s 1° for all you centigrade fans, and yes, I know that we’re calling it Celsius now, and I don’t care) is perfect weather for going out and washing the car. But, that’s one of the many reasons I live in Atlanta now instead of Chicago: it’s not supposed to get that cold here.

I’ve also finally gotten a chance to start reading the many entries from the blogs I’m subscribed to who are doing the A to Z Challenge. I had planned on doing it over the weekend, and decided instead to get ahead with my blogging so I’d have the time I’d normally spend writing to read. I’ve found a whole bunch of new blogs to subscribe to, and I’m just getting started.

I had all kinds of browser issues today, and ended up deleting all the browsers I have on my computer except for Safari. Seems that every browser has decided that I have to sign back on to everything every time I re-launch it, and it’s driving me up the wall. I don’t like Safari for a number of reasons: it’s proprietary to Mac, for one thing. For another, there aren’t as many extensions available, especially those that would make my life easier and that I’ve gotten used to using on other browsers. Face it, I’m fussy about what I use, since I spend so much time working with the browser and have to, or rather want to, use the same browser on my desktop (a Mac) and my laptop (a Sony Vaio running Linux Mint). Guess that won’t be happening anytime soon. Anyway, finally I have something that works for me.

And finally, I’m done…

21 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: Finally!

  1. Yes, I know what you meant about the signing in. A year ago I had everything perfectly set up in Chrome so I could just click and go directly to all my favorite places without having to sign in afresh, but Hackers have made life for the rest of us less convenient and now everyone wants a fresh sign in. Annoying. Worst then that is all the multi-photo captcha’s required so many places!


    1. Oh yeah, the damn video game to prove you’re really a person. Drives me nuts. Yesterday, I must have gone through a hundred of them just to sign in to Box. I love the ones “click all the frames that have cars in them.” I can barely see the pictures…


  2. For all of us who love spring this year has seemed like a real rip-off. I have been doing a lot of traveling recently and have been from North Carolina to Colorado. I have yet to find Spring 2018. I am beginning to think it does not exist.


  3. Here in Indy, it was 81 today (according to car) and 77 today (according to weather app.) On the way home, I wanted to strip down. Also on the way home, I talked to my girlfriend in Chicago and she said they made it to 60, but they’re going to put off having their new siding installed, because it’s supposed to snow next week. :/
    I don’t like Safari either. I’m a Chrome kinda gal.


            1. And that’s WITH I-465. Imagine what it was like without. Not that I remember it all that well, all I have is Mom’s description, which I’m sure was ten times worse than it really was, but even so…

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  4. Mother Nature has been very moody lately, even in our area, John. Sorry to hear about your computer woes. I use 3 browsers for different purposes, which I have the Edge, Firefox, and Chrome up at the same time. I didn’t like Safari when I tried it. I have Windows 10, which has been hassle free, so far.


    1. I’m back to Firefox after refreshing it, and everything seems to be back to normal. I spent most of my working life troubleshooting technical issues, and I can’t stand it when I have them myself…


  5. Be thankful your spouse did not spill coffee on your computer…yup, my hubby did that about 2 weeks ago. I hope you get things up and running smoothly from now on. Glad it is getting warmer for you. For the next 5 days we will not be seeing any sun and we have a winter storm warning for this weekend with freezing rain. I am expecting power outages which will suck. I hope our area doesn’t get hit too hard


    1. Oh, my computer equipment has been bathed in coffee more than once. I have a travel mug that I close just in case I knock it over. Stay warm and I hope the power stays on for you. We haven’t had to deal with many power outages, and when we have it hasn’t stayed off for long, but there are some places that can lose it for days at a time. We have the occasional ice storm during the winter and severe weather the rest of the year (thunderstorms and the occasional tornado) and a lot of our power lines still run overhead…


  6. One of my good friends lives in Chicago and she was JUST complaining today about how they got hit with another random snow day. Shes a runner (@cynthiajwheeler on Instagram) so she wasn’t too happy. I’d say you made a wise move!


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