On Sunday and Monday #socs

So the prompt is “mon,” as in “We be jammin’, mon!” But that’s not where I’m going with this.

I could talk about Monday, which is N day during the A to Z Challenge. We’re roughly halfway done with the month (another mon!) and halfway through the alphabet today. I have lots of catching up to do, both with returning comments and visiting the blogs of those who have commented, as well as finding new blog buddies. I’ll get there, I promise.

I know Sunday is the first day of the week, but I’ve always thought that Monday should be, because that’s the way we see it. I mean, we call Saturday and Sunday the “weekend,” so they should come at the end of the week, right? Except one is at the end of the week, while the other is at the beginning of the next week. That’s silly. I notice now that a lot of calendar programs allow you to designate Monday as the beginning of the week, so that’s how I have my Google calendar set. Of course, my subconscious tells me that the first day of the week is Sunday, so when I look at a calendar I naturally lop off the first day as being a Sunday.

Sunday night is when all the old British TV shows are on our channel 57.2, those being Robin Hood, Sherlock Holmes, and The Avengers, which stars Patrick Macnee and Honor Blackmon. Funny how that works…

Stream of Consciousness Saturday is brought to you each week by Linda Hill and this station. Now a word about Kent cigarettes, with the famous Micronite filter. You’ll feel better about smoking with the taste of Kent!

15 thoughts on “On Sunday and Monday #socs

  1. Your theory of Monday as the start of the week makes sense and I agree. I always thought the seasons came at strange times too…or maybe it’s the unpredictable weather in my neck of the woods.


    1. I haven’t seen many grid-type calendars that start with Monday, though I had an appointment book that had Monday thru Friday followed by two half-columns for Saturday and Sunday. Google Calendar (and a lot of other calndar apps) allows you to specify you want your week to start on Monday. Of course, when my week started with a Sunday flight somewhere, it made more sense…

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  2. My planner I use has the monthly calendars all starting with Sunday, but the weekly pages all start with Monday. Great way to use Monday for the ‘mon’ part of SOC.


  3. I like Monday as my weekly start coz it made sense before I retired. It still makes sense coz since I retired, I celebrate Mondays. Good take on the prompt, John.


      1. Yes, I do and not too happy with that feeling. My hubby and I set aside certain things to do on certain days to break the monotony. This helps and I think the warmer weather will be a boost.


  4. I always thought Monday was the beginning of the week..neve Sunday! Sunday is the t8me Of rest and trying to get ready for the new day..the dreaded Monday


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