A Mid-April Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by Instant Maxwell House coffee.

Is that James Coco in the commercial? (The contest has likely ended, by the way.)

The Week That Was

Another busy week, although I did manage to catch up on some of the visiting I’ve been meaning to do. Windy, rainy and chilly here today, a perfect day for staying home and writing. Here’s the summary for the week.

Week 2 of the A to Z Challenge:

This week, N through S. Stay tuned!

This week’s theme was “Easter Songs,” a bit late but I managed to find a few good ones. Freebie tomorrow.

Fabian was the featured artist.

A line from Thomas Merton seemed appropriate.

“Finally” was the prompt, and I talked about many things, most notably the fact that I had finally gotten past trouble I was having with my browseres. I’m back to using Firefox, by the way, and this time it’s not giving me trouble on my laptop, either.

Dipped into Oldiesloon’s archives and came up with the April 13, 1970 Silver Dollar Survey, and shared the Top 10. Top 11, really, because one was a double A side single.

With the prompt “mon,” I argued my case for seeing Monday as the first day of the week, rather than Sunday.


I started another Battle of the Bands this morning, to determine whether calypso singer Trini Lopez or British ska band Madness did a better job on the song “Shame and Scandal in the Family.” If you’d like to vote in the battle and/or are curious aout Battle of the Bands, click the badge above. The poll will remain open until Saturday and I’ll announce the winner next Sunday.

Be sure and stop by to see what words I chose for the A to Z Challenge and what I choose to do for Monday’s Music Moves Me, Two For Tuesday, One-Liner Wednesday, and The Friday 5×2, as well as what Kat chooses as the prompts for Writer’s Workshop and Linda chooses as the prompt for Stream of Consciousness Saturday.

Thanks to Maryann, Diedre, Jacqui, Iain, Donna, JoAnna, Dan, Mary, Janet, Trisha, Eugenia, Uncle Jack Connelly, Birgit, Renbog, Hester, John, Sharon, Mark, Deborah, Jetgirl, Hilary, Judy, Trudy, Joey, Traci, Bev, May, Cathy, Mary Lou, Ellen, Morgan, Ally, Arlee, Rowena, Georgie, Suze, Elen, Wendy, Marie, Kalpanaa, AJ, Archana, Bill, Sue, Debbie, Jamie, Akshata, Colette, Tara, Emily, Andi, Mollie, Mrs. Fever, Alana, Ed Thierbach, Patrick, Stacy, Joanne, AJ Sefton, Kip, J-dub, Tarkabarka, Varad, Fandango, anyone I missed, and everyone who left a “like.”

And that’s it for this edition of The Week That Was. See you in the funny papers!

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