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Ubiquity is the condition of being ubiquitous, i.e. omnipresent. Always there.

Mary used to carry her knitting projects (and everything else she needed if she was out) in canvas tote bags. After a while, I called them her “ubiquitous bags” because she always had one and sometimes several of them with her wherever she’d go. I’m not sure whether that would make them “ubiquitous,” but it was close enough for me.

We’ve had one or two cats who were always where we wanted to go. We said that one was ubiquitous. Again, not sure if that was the appropriate word, but hey, close enough for folk music.

Dan Hicks and His Hot Licks did a song about “Moody Richard,” who always seemed to be around… From 1972’s Striking It Rich

The Internet is a sort of ubiquitous presence, following you wherever you go, always there to bring you news, entertainment, selfies, cat pictures, and, of course, the ubiquitous trolls. Before the Internet, they rode on buses, mumbling to themselves and making everyone nervous. The Internet has made it possible for them to do all their trolling from the comfort of home. They don’t even have to put pants on…

Seriously, we’re bombarded with pictures of people we don’t even know, pictures of places we have no intention of visiting, food we think is disgusting and would never eat. This goes on 24 hours a day, 365.2425 days a year. There’s a meme going around that shows a beautiful, rustic house in the middle of the woods, the caption reading “‘like’ if you’d give up the Internet and all mass media if you’d live here for a year.” Or something like that. Would you? I would. As long as I could take books with me, I’d love it. Or if there was a library in the house.

You know, I bet they don’t have Internet in heaven. You just know they have it in hell.

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  1. John,

    Cool word! I had to use my dictionary app on my iPhone to listen to the pronunciation to make sure I was saying it right. I wasn’t but now am corrected. I guess that answers your question about the Internet. LOL I can live out in the middle of nowhere for a short time but it would grow old fast. It’s funny when I was a kid there was little to nothing to do. We had to create our entertainment. Hide n Seek at dusk, shoot hoops, play baseball, lay in the grass to spot shapes in the clouds, …. That was fun back then but now while I would enjoy some of these things I would yearn for city life, dining out, Super Walmart, streaming movie & mewsic, blogging, and more.

    You cracked me up about those people on the bus murmuring and making others nervous. I met a few of those in my college days. I always kept one eye on them until I decided they were harmless. Today, murmourers would be my least concern instead of wondering the slightly scruffy fellow is really a terrorist hell-bent on blowing up the bus and city block. I’ll happily take all the stupid social media drama and fluff over that kind of craziness any day. Internet trolls, differing political/religious opinions, and such I can ignore. I do not have to engage with these people if I don’t want. It’s easy to be quiet and polite instead of causing more drama on social media sites.

    Dan Hicks’s song sounds familiar but I am a little uncertain. Do you ever feel that way, you think maybe you’ve heard but can’t say for sure? I’m like that a lot. I do like Dan’s style and would like to hear more of his mewsic. Thanks for sharing and for visiting, my friend. Happy A2Zing!

    ~Curious as a Cathy
    iPad Art Sketch ‘U’ is for Umbrella


    1. Time was, there was an unwritten rule not to discuss religion and politics in polite conversation. Guess that time is past…

      Dan did some pretty great stuff in his day, and much of it is on YouTube, both his work with the Hot Licks and solo. It didn’t get played on most radio stations during the Seventies, when he was most active, and it’s almost one of those things you have to deliberately look for to find. It’s worth the effort. I can’t think where you might have heard “Moody Richard” before this, but it wouldn’t surpreise me.


  2. I don’t think I would trade the Internet for rustic isolation, even if I could take my library with me. The Internet has a bigger library than I do. Plus it has audio books. Of course, I used to own quite a few audio book CDs, and even (gasp!) tapes, but I think most of those are broken and/or lost by now. Plus, would the rustic cabin even have a power outlet for my “boombox”? Do I even own one of those anymore?
    So, though I love physical, actual books, I also love the Internet, because if I owned all the books I’d like to own, my house would be full of them. I wouldn’t have space to live in. I already have a room in my house that is a dedicated library. And it is full. We’ve put shelves up in the attic to handle the overflow.
    Still, I agree that the Internet can be a pretty awful place. And sometimes that cabin looks pretty good.


  3. As my daddy use to say it’s good to learn something new every day & I did my dearest father… I learned a new word thanks to my friend John here! “Ubiquity”! ~hehehe~ Okay, hubby and I are trying to remember who is the guy in the video. He’s not Charlie Chaplin, but I’ve seen that face many times before in the silent movies… what’s his name John before I go bonkers???? TANKS… man! Your Mary & I would get along famously! She can carry around her knitting bag as I carry my crocheting bag around everywhere I go. Hmmm I wonder if hubby has a name for me… hahahaha Great Post today my friend… thanks for sharing! Oh and that tune Dan Licks “Moody Richard”, that’s my father-in-law’s name… well, sorta! My father-in-law’s name is Richard Moody!!! ~hehehe~ Have a great day! hugs


  4. I would definitely live in a cabin in the woods as long as I had my family, pets and books with me. Think of all the hiking, doing things outside and connecting with people without the internet. I would have to actually call or text people to invite them over. Can you imagine? 🙂


    1. Now, if the limits of the telephone were that it was screwed to the wall and hard-wired to a junction box, would you be as enthusiastic? 😉

      It’s hard to remember a time without smartphones, computers, the Internet, or even answering machines…


  5. I had to look this up. Didn’t remember how it went. Stan Freeburg did a commercial for margarine using the phrase, “the new ubiquitous comestible.” Don’t know what that has to do with anything but the the word “ubiquity” sent me on this particular quest through my memory.


  6. Ah, but do they have Dan Hicks or Terry Kath or Keith Emerson in heaven?

    It’s all about priorities. I’d put up with the internet for a chance to talk with Ansel Adams or Robert Capa, or to find out went wrong for the Anasazi in Chaco Canyon.


  7. I saw this house on the Internet and I could do it as long as I could bring my books…and since I like bending the rules, my movie collection but no tv..hard for me but I know I could do it. I really miss living in the country. I think it’s great that your wife had all these different bags for her knitting


    1. I used to go to user conferences and would get a canvas bag for all my stuff, then when I got home I took all the stuff out and gave the bag to Mary.


  8. I wouldn’t want to do it. No. Like my city life. Like my internet. It’s not that I don’t love nature AND BOOKS, but nope.
    I learned ubiquitous in a high school vocab lesson and the teacher used jeans and pimples as an example. It stuck.


  9. Nope. Not going anywhere without internet. We lived in a small coastal town, right on the beach, for two months and had to do without telephone or internet lines. The mobile reception was almost non-existent. I had to drive 22 kilos to get to a phone, 30 more kilos to get to the nearest bank to pay my bills and download books on my kindle – phew, I’m still shell-shocked. I hear what you say about social media, though; it can be a real pain in the neck.

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    1. And some of us have a lower opinion of social media. Really, the Internet is a fantastic tool, especially for delivering content (e-books, podcasts, music, other entertainment), but I’m sick of most social media at this point.

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