#1LinerWeds from Allan Sherman

Before The Beatles came along, Allan Sherman was my favorite recording artist. In fact, he was tremendously popular in the early Sixties with his parodies of popular tunes. Then, along came The British Invasion, and his records were shoved out of the limelight. (One of his last recordings was “Pop Hates The Beatles.”) He died ten days shy of his 49th birthday while playing the piano and entertaining friends.

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13 thoughts on “#1LinerWeds from Allan Sherman

  1. Onions done right add a lot of flavor to food. They’re also good for you. Where would we be without onions? Bored, that’s where.


  2. In the 60s, instead of exchanging letters, my great aunt and uncle exchanged audio tapes with my parents. One day we got a larger-than-usual tape from them, and among other things it had recordings of “Sir Greenbaum’s Madrigal” and “The Ballad of Harry Lewis”. I laughed so hard I cried. I practically wore that tape out playing it over and over, until Dad got tired of me borrowing the reel-to-reel recorder. I still have that tape somewhere.


  3. I know for sure I am that onion on that pillow. Funny, I was in that store years ago and I laughed when the tourist were brought to the second floor..I think…anyhoo, the jewelry was nothing major and we thought there has to be a better floor so we went to that floor. I was an onion because that floor is where the real jewelry were. I saw magnificent pieces in all the major gems but I was focused on this necklace that was created to look like snowflakes and was all done in diamonds. When I saw prices on the emerald and ruby necklaces at 1.8 million but no price on that diamond necklace, I knew I was that bloody onion but I loved checking out tha floor.


    1. My sister-in-law makes jewelry, and one day I stopped at the place she worked in downtown Chicago. None of their stuff had price labels, and I remembered that if you have to ask how much something is, you can’t afford it…


  4. Oh boy, so many memories. If Dad wasn’t playing Tom Lehrer or the First Family (parody of JFK‘s presidency) on the turntable, we were spinning Alan Sherman’s My Son the Folk Singer.

    “My Zelda she found her big romance
    When I broke the zipper on my pants.
    My Zelda, she took the money and ran with the tailor.”
    – to the music of Mathilda.

    The one everyone remembers is

    “Hello muddah, hello faddah
    Here I am at… Camp Granada…

    Now I don’t want this should scare ya’
    But my bunkmate has Malaria
    You remember Jeffery Hardy
    They’re about to organize a searching party

    Take me home, oh Muddah, Faddah
    Take me home, I hate Grenada
    Don’t leave me out in the forest where
    I might get eaten by a bear.”

    Good stuff!


    1. I had “My Son, The Celebrity” and “Allan In Wonderland,” and still remember this from his “George M. Cohan Medley”:

      r o double-u
      i t z spells Horowitz!
      Yesterday I took my girlfriend Peggy,
      To watch him play a concert at Carnegie…
      a d i m i
      r, that’s Vladimir,
      And he plays piano good,
      Like a good piano player should
      Horowitz! Hear, hear!

      I have to find those albums. I think people have made copies and put them on YouTube.

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      1. There’s a big difference between taking a picture vs making a photograph, as Ansel Adams used to put it. After their brother in law fails to capture what they want, the client will call you back to shoot it.


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