It’s been one of those days.

I fielded an A to Z Challenge question on Facebook about why there was no “X” post, discovering that, as you probably guessed, the post on the Blogger blog hadn’t been passed to the WordPress blog because IFTTT had decided it had a problem with Blogger. So, I hope I’ve fixed it for Monday, the last day of the Challenge.

So, between that, trying to set up Bluetooth on my laptop, and posting thousands of patches and new features to Kubuntu there, I’m both tired and a little frazzled. Add to that the fact that, because of all the rain we’ve had here recently, the post our mailbox is perched on collapsed yesterday (it was probably rotting through, anyway, and we’d’ve had to replace it eventually, because it’s been there for thirty years) and we’ve put our mail on hold while we wait for the handyman to come install a new one sometime in the next week. Mary’s talking about getting a wrought-iron one. I like how she thinks.

It’s a gorgeous day here. I just hope nothing else goes wrong…

Stream of Consciousness Saturday is brought to you each week by Linda Hill and this station. Now a word from your neighborhood Lincoln dealer.

15 thoughts on “YAAAAAAAAAH! #socs

  1. hi John – relax and rest up … Monday is another week … and there’s no – well only a little!! – A-Zing … cheers Hilary


  2. I have been really lucky that IFTTT has not kicked out any of my posts. I go from Blogger to WP too. I did notice that sometimes if I send my post late in the evening it takes longer to go through though. Thanks for your hard work to get it fixed 🙂


  3. Oh boy…this is the wrong time to take amphetamines. 🤪 this is so wrong for all these issues to start springing up when the A to Z is almost done.


  4. Hey there tall?, dark?? and totally handsome… ah~hem!!! Well, you know that I want something now, right??? Forgive me please I just saw the thank you by your icon there with the one hand coming out of the laptop… Now come on you know that was made for you so know thanks needed, but your welcome anyway! So, sorry I didn’t notice it. Now.. WOW EDDIE CANTOR… even hubby just said, “Oh, I remember that one!” hahaha that’s a first from him that’s for sure! hahaha Only thing is I remember that one too!!! hahaha Good one my friend! Great post and the commercial one though not sure I remember those, but great job! Well, see you at our “Z” Day! The grand finale like one of my friends told me just today! hahaha~ Get some rest & no over doing it my friend! Have a very restful Sunday! God bless~!


    1. I’m neither tall (roughly 5’8″) nor dark (most of my hair is white, as is my beard), but thanks for handsome. 😉

      Maybe I’ll feature Eddie Cantor someday on the blog. Maybe Monday…


  5. One blog in one place would reduce your troubles by half! Also, wrought iron mailbox posts are pretty, but prohibited where I live. I don’t know why– maybe the salt spray from the road crews in the winter ruins the metal? Makes it rust? Research before you buy is what I’m suggesting.


    1. We don’t have any salt trucks here, which is one of the reasons we moved here. However, we get a lot of rain all year, so the concerns about the pole rusting are well-founded. Fortunately, our handyman was able to talk Mary out of it, so he’ll be coming today to install the new post, which evidently doesn’t have to be painted (guess the wood is sealed, or maybe it’s coated with some type of plastic). He also said that seating the pole in cement (which I did the last time this happened) actually promotes wood rot. Can’t see why, but he knows more about these things than I do. I’ll leave it to the expert.

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  6. Good luck with the new post, John. The subject of concrete or no concrete has been debated for years. For decks and other structures, I would always set the post on an anchor plate that is attached to a concrete pier. That means the post will never be standing in water or wet soil. Of course, that doens’t work for a mailbox. The benefit of concrete for that post is that it’s less likely to end up leaning in one direction of the other. Then again, since you guys probably don’t have a lot of freeze/thaw cycles to deal with, it’s hardly a worry. Up here, as the ground freezes, it can push a post off plumb pretty quickly.


  7. Good luck with replacing your mailbox, and your blogging woes. I stick to WP and try to keep things simple, except when I get in one of my moods to change my theme.


    1. I shut down the simulcast I was doing on Blogger, because it was more trouble than it was worth. Actually, it worked OK unless I tried using any HTML5 commands. We’ll probably decide to close down the simulcast blog, since we just set it up because people had trouble leaving comments on the Blogger side. Admittedly, they have a bizarre way of handling comments there, but it’s really not that hard.

      New mailbox is in and looks good. The handyman was able to come yesterday and install it, and this time I know it’s done right. I did it the last time…


  8. Oof. Our mailbox/post may well be rotting, it’s already lost its door. I think moss and vines may be holding it together at this point. Gotta say, it’s low on our list of priorities and your post makes me thankful about our post. Our next will be attached to the house, no post, and hopefully waits for re-siding.
    As for the electronics, well it’s time for another update, the cat chewed my usb, and I could use a scan. But first, these blogs!


    1. Cats have this innate knowledge that something is an electronic device and a sense that if it’s important, they have to chew on it. I lost count of the number of times I had to rewire my stereo speakers because one of them decided that speaker wire tasted good, even after we put bitter apple on it to try and deter them. I think she liked it better with the supposedly-terrible tasting stuff on them. Was smart enough not to swallow the wire, so we didn’t have to cope with wire passing through her digestive tract…

      If our mail carrier (guess it’s un-PC to say “mailman”) were on foot, which I’m pretty sure yours is, we’d probably opt for a mailbox attached to the house, but here they drive around in the little Jeeps, so we have a curbside box. Otherwise, I’m pretty sure we wouldn’t get mail, because they’re already mad at us for the hornet’s nest in the bushes that used to be around ours. Gee, you’d think after thirty years and several different mail carriers, they’d be over it by now…

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      1. LOL! Thanks for the laugh! My (old) mailman used to freak out about my (old) dog inside the fence. He’d have to reach over the dog. But to be clear, my dog was not tall enough to get him. So he had to be barked at, awww, but he was never in any danger. I bet he was glad when we moved.

        Yeah, well, I paid $13 for a cord that’s coated first in metal and then has a second plastic cover. It better work. I haven’t gone the way of cayenne YET, because my luck, I’d get it in my eye!


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