Writer’s Workshop: Riffing On “Time”

I might start a new feature on the blog called “Riffing,” where I take a word (say, “time”) and just start improvising over it. I know that’s what Stream of Consciousness Saturday is, or at least should be, as well as all those prompts where Mama Kat tells us “write a blog post inspired by the word: _______________.” In this case, she said the word is “time.”

I’ve written a lot about time over the six years or so I’ve been carrying on with this craziness called The Sound of One Hand Typing. I went looking for all the times I wrote about time, and ended up with 200+ pages (5 entries each) of posts where I used the word itself, so that was pretty much useless. At some point, I should probably sit down and go through the 2,207 posts (including this one) I’ve written and do a better job of coming up with tags, so all I would have to do would be to enter the tag (e.g. “time”) and have all the posts magically pop up. I know it sounds like a waste of time, but it would at least help me when I get an assignment like this one, to see what I’ve already said so I don’t repeat myself which, if you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you know I do a lot of.

Here’s my favorite graphic about time.

Oh, and this one.

The A to Z Challenge for 2018 is history, but I still have comments to reply to and visits to make. If you left me a comment and I haven’t replied, rest assured I’ll get to you and reciprocate your visit, if I haven’t already. So many blogs, so little time. Next year’s challenge will be the tenth. I already have my theme, and it’s oddly appropriate. That’s all I’ll say about it for right now.

And that’s all I’ll say about time for now.

23 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: Riffing On “Time”

  1. I feel like time is traveling in waves; some are fast, and some are slow. There is always time to re-read your posts to see how clever you’ve been all along.


    1. Think about it, though: if time travel is possible, wouldn’t it stand to reason that someone would have come here from the future and told us about it? On the other hand, maybe not.


      1. That’s a good point, JOHN.

        On the other hand, I sometimes get into some stuffs that one could describe as being “Very Non-Mainstream”. And I remember reading and seeing some things that seemed to indicate that on occasion people from other times (either the past OR the future) have kind of overlapped into the present.

        Granted, I’ve not seriously studied these cases like I have other topics, so I’d not be willing to take any sort of position on them, but they do intrigue me.

        Stories such as the one about the disappearance of David Lang in Tennessee in 1880 (which fired up my imagination at about the age of 11 or 12). Where did he go? Did he step into some kind of Time Vortex and get transported to the past or future? And if so, who there would believe him?

        There are multiple reports of people in the present day seeing images of Civil War soldiers fighting in the dead of night on the Gettysburg battlefield. There are some photographs (which I acknowledge could possibly be photoshopped) of people at old historic events wearing clothes of a style that would not come into fashion for 50 or 60 years into the future.

        There are just so many mysteries in this world that we will probably never understand until we’re out of this world. But I have a sense that somehow everything that has happened and everything that’s going to happen is currently and continuously happening all at once but on myriad vibrational levels. Now, whether or not it’s possible to move in and out of those levels, visiting them, I wouldn’t speculate. But if it is, then that would raise the question of whether or not it’s wise. Just because something, perhaps, CAN be done doesn’t necessarily mean it ought to be. But it’s fun to speculate on things like this occasionally and exercise one’s imagination.

        ~ D-FensDogG
        STMcC Presents ‘Battle Of The Bands’


  2. Wow! Ten years of A to Z? Have you participated in all of them?
    I thought I came up with my themes early, usually Dec or Jan – but never a year ahead of time! Way to go.


    1. I’ve only participated since 2012, so this past challenge was my 7th.

      Sometimes you just have to strike while the iron’s hot. I started riffing with ideas and suddenly had a word list.

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  3. I was watching an interview someone was doing with Kanye West where he basically said the same thing about Time and how it’s not real. He must have read that quote first. 😉 It does really make you think though and it makes me feel a lot less guilty about “staying up too late.” There’s no such thing as too late!!


  4. Seems like time is everything when we need it and nothing once it’s gone.
    “As though a rose should shut and be a bud again,” ~ John Keats


  5. Time ….how do we know someone has not already time travelled? They know better than to mess with the past..or maybe they did and we just don’t know it. I would love to time travel to be honest just as long as I don’t wind up on the Titanic


    1. That’s just it: we don’t. Maybe there are rules to time travel we haven’t needed to bother ourselves with, yet. There are some videos out on YouTube (and pictures elsewhere) that “show” situations where it appears that someone from the future is at some historical event, such as taking a picture of the Hindenburg disaster with a cellphone camera. Along with that explanation come several other plausible explanations, such as the person is really doing something else or the picture has been Photoshopped by some smartass who wanted you to think that’s what’s happening. That doesn’t totally eliminate the possibility that it was a visitor from a future time…


  6. I loved the images you shared about time. It’s true that we have become a slave to time in many ways. So few of us actually live in the moment and enjoy it because we are either dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. I’d enjoy reading your new ‘riffing’ feature.


  7. The two images were funny, especially the time travel one. A friend told me that the Law of Mass doesn’t allow for time traveling, because you add remove “mass” (one body) from one point and add that mass to another. Really the only measure of “time” as it were, we have, “it was evening and it was morning.”


    1. Right. That’s why Daylight Saving Time is just a psychological change, making it appear that you have more daylight. We change the clock to suit our life. Animals can’t tell time, so they see it getting light and start doing their day things, and as it starts to get dark they know it’s time to do night things.


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