12 thoughts on “Happy Cinco de Mayo!

  1. I’m no Mexican, but I am kind of craving Mexican food today. And no one better call my Ecuadorian wife “Mexican” as she is offended when people refer to her as Mexican, which they often do.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


  2. Actually, we’re having a Victory at Puebla party this afternoon. That’s what this day should celebrate – the Mexican victory over a better-trained French force on this date in 1862. There are still a few bottles of Guinness Extra Stout left from a neighbor’s St. Patrick’s Day party – hopefully those will also disappear today. along with copious numbers of Margaritas.

    To our Hispanic friends here, it’s just another day. U.S. companies co-opted it into a drinking holiday – presumably to sell more liquor.


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