Riffing On “Letter” #socs

I just gotta include this song:

And this:

One more:

That doesn’t qualify as an official playlist, by the way…

The A to Z Challenge is over for 2018, and I feel like I need a week or so to recover. As anyone who’s done the Challenge will tell you, there’s an awful lot of visiting and commenting involved in our annual alphabet-fest, and it’s hard to know what to do first sometimes. Some of it might be due to the fact that I try and maintain all the other features on my blog at the same time. But that’s just me. I’ll have more to say about the challenge and how I think it went on Monday, the official opening of the A to Z Reflections posts.

I’m writing this on Friday afternoon, as I usually do, and I’m exhausted. Mary and I were responsible homeowners today who, knowing our heating and cooling system was nearing the end of its usable life, purchased a new one. It’ll be installed tomorrow (by the time you read this, today). It’s amazing how much the technology has changed in the fifteen years or so since the last time we did this. This will probably be the last time we replace the heating and cooling system, so we got a real good one.

Not that any of the preceding has anything to do with letters, but it kind of explains why this is so short.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday is brought to you each week by Linda Hill and this station. Now a word about Awake frozen orange juice from Bird’s Eye. Richer in vitamins, costs less, and tastes as good as frozen orange juice!

25 thoughts on “Riffing On “Letter” #socs

  1. I know all 3 songs and always really liked the second one. It was tiring but fun and I have to still write my reflection post and start thinking about next year:)


    1. A lot of people think it’s Tony Orlando doing it… while Tony did it, his was a cover of this one. Great song.

      I should work on my reflections post today, as long as we’re stuck at home…


  2. I’m glad y’all are gonna have comfy airs. I pray my air conditioning unit is virtually indefatigable. Like, Lord Hear My Prayers, serious, earnest, selfish prayer of a woman who hates to be hot.


    1. We’re hoping it lowers our energy bills. The AC does a good job of dehumidification, so we can set the thermostat at 76° and be very comfortable. Guess we’ll have to wait until November or so to find out how well the furnace works.. what I like about this is it’s practically silent. I know it’s running, because I can look out my office window and see it is, but I can’t hear it. It’s variable speed, so I’m thinking unless it’s really hot and humid, as things tend to be here (but you knew that), I won’t hear anything. The best part is we haven’t had to touch the thermostat.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. That’s great! Ours is newer and we also experience a cool house at 73, but I like it cold to sleep! I hope you continue to enjoy your investment!


  3. That “take a letter Maria” song is so funny to me…just the title alone…Something you would never hear nowadays.


    1. When laptops got reasonable enough that everyone in the office could have one, we moved the secretaries into more administrative and customer service roles and were told, “ya want something typed, do it yourself.” Typing and shorthand are dying arts, and who knows what’s happened to Dictaphones?


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