The Air-Conditioned Comfort Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by Brunswick bowling lanes. Bowl Brunswick Tomorrow!

Mary and I used to bowl a lot. Not in a league or anything, but we had our own shoes and balls and everything. Then we stopped for whatever reason. I kind of miss it, but not sure I could do it now, being on a walker and everything. We donated our equipment to a garage sale the church was having, I think.

The Week That Was

We spent the day at home yesterday while our new central air conditioner and furnace were installed. It was worth the slight discomfort from the heat (which still isn’t that bad, though the humidity is rising) to have the house cool and the humidity at a comfortable level. The technology has improved tremendously since we had the last ones installed. The controls are hooked into the wi-fi and we have apps on our phones and Mary’s iPad that can control everything. It was expensive, but it was a choice of doing it now or when the AC failed in the middle of the summer. We chose now. I think it was a good choice. Anyway, here’s the summary for the week.

We concluded the A to Z Challenge last Monday with our “Z” words, which in my case was zwieback. I’ve created a page that has all of my posts for this year listed out, so you (and, maybe more importantly, I) can find all of the posts for the Challenge.


I’ll be announcing the winner of my latest Battle of the Bands, “Battle ‘Sweet Georgia Brown’: Chet Atkins & Stanley Jordan vs. Chet Atkins & Lenny Breaux,” on Tuesday, so if you haven’t voted, click on the badge above and vote. Right now, Chet & Stanley are shutting out Chet & Lenny.

Monday was a freebie, so I chose to entertain everyone with the music of “Banjo Eyes,” Eddie Cantor.

James Darren, better known as an actor but who had a few singles on the charts in the late 50’s and early 60’s, was the featured performer.

My featured one-liner was from former Laugh-In star and all-around funny guy Arte Johnson.

I riffed on “time,” one of my favorite topics to riff on.

I found a WJJD survey from May 4, 1959 and spotlighted the Top 10 from it. WJJD was at one time Chicago’s one and only rock & roll station, a format they abandoned when WLS started rockin’.

I riffed on “letter.” “Riffing,” if you don’t understand the term, is basically stream-of-consciousness writing. You probably figured that out already.

All the usual features will be here, as well as my A to Z Reflections post, which will come out tomorrow. I am the “guest conductor” for the month of May for Monday’s Music Moves Me, which means I get to choose the themes for tomorrow and the 21st (the other Mondays in May are freebies). Part of my job, as I understand it, is to promote M4 to anyone and everyone I know, so if you like music and nurse a secret desire to be a disc jockey, why not join us? More on that tomorrow. I’m still working on musical acts from the 1946-1964 period for Two for Tuesday, and I just found a whole bunch more that I haven’t done and a few that I’ve already done and could use an encore performance, so it could be July or later before I move on to another theme. I have some ideas, but I’m open to yours. Kat (Thursday) and Linda (Saturday) will be choosing the words on which I’ll be riffing, and I might squeeze a couple more riffs in along the way. That leaves Friday, for which I need to come up with a topic. It promises to be a fun-filled and action-packed week, so stay tuned!

I’m going to go back to the list format here, because the other way is just too confusing. So, thanks to:

And that’s all for this edition of The Week That Was. See you in the funny papers!

15 thoughts on “The Air-Conditioned Comfort Week That Was

  1. I used to bowl on a league, wayyyyy back. My best game was 265. After a few life changing events and I moved to a different city, I stopped bowling. Good for you for getting a new A/C system before the warmer weather. Our A/C went on the fritz last night. Since we live in an apartment, I put in a work order for it to be fixed. Apartment living has its advantages.

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    1. We might have gotten another season out of the air conditioner we had, but the coils were rusted and it was just a matter of time before we would have to replace it, so we decided to bite the bullet and do it now.

      A friend of mine once said that the great thing about renting was, if you couldn’t fix it with a pair of pliers or by stuffing toilet paper into it, you called the janitor…

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  2. Staying tuned 🙂
    I absolutely have seen people with walkers doing duckpin bowling. People in wheelchairs, too. You should see if there’s duckpin bowling in your area. Might make a nice date when you feel like gettin out!

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    1. You know, I’ve heard the term “duckpin bowling,” but never seen the game or played it myself. I’m not even sure they play it here. In any event, I’d have to bowl left-handed, which could be a real adventure…

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  3. Happy Sunday. My husband was a big bowler before he hurt his back and he misses it. At least he got his 300 ring. I was on a league with him a few times, including when I was pregnant with our first daughter. Bowled until the 8th month. Nice week you had.

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    1. So he rolled a 300 game? Impressive… Bowling is lots of fun, from what I remember. A friend of Mary’s is really into it. I just worry that, like Bridge, it’ll be one of those games that dies when all the people who remember how to do it are gone.

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      1. Yes, unfortunately I was not there to see it because I was home with the kids (they were young and I had stopped being on the team by then). There are fewer and fewer bowling alleys so you may be right about the fading interest.

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    1. After the A to Z Challenge, this was actually not quite as busy as it’s been, though I had to do a lot of non-blog business. And, I get to go to the dentist today…

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