Animal Onomatopoeia #socs

Well, that’s what Linda asked for…

“Move over!” Winnie barked. “Don’t just sit there like a dumb cluck!”

So, let’s see… we have “moo” (move), “whinny” (Winnie), “bark” (barked), and “cluck.” How’s that?

I go for my Medicare physical a week from Monday. I’m glad my doctor isn’t a quack. Ha! There’s another one! snort (and another!).

I can just hear you now: Boo! Hiss! (and another!)

We just bought a new heating and air conditioning system, nd lemme tell ya, it wasn’t cheep cheap (and another one!).

I could probably do this all day, but you’d be screeching at me (and another!).

Stream of Consciousness Saturday is brought to you each week by Linda Hill and this station. And I can think of no better commercial than this one….

Calumet Meat Co. used to advertise themselves as “The Home Of Moo & Oink.” By the 80’s they had changed their name…

17 thoughts on “Animal Onomatopoeia #socs

  1. Interesting commercial from a vegetarian’s perspective. I like how your worked all those farm animal sounds into your stream of consciousness. You were really on a roll there. I hope the physical goes well.


    1. I had left Chicago before that commercial came out, so it came as a surprise. Their main store was not that far from where I lived, but we never went. Now I wish I had.


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