The “Happy Mother’s Day 2018!” Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by king-size Coca-Cola. King-Size Coca-Cola gives you that refreshing new feeling!

I know I do a lot of Coke commercials, but they’re just so exhiliarating!

Happy Mother’s Day to all you mothers, stepmothers, grandmothers, aunts, and anyone else who can call themselves “mother.”

The Week That Was

Still recovering from the A to Z Challenge. This was the week that people started posting their A to Z Reflections posts, and that goes on through the 23rd, so if you haven’t had a chance to do yours, there’s still plenty of time. Here’s the week in review.

I got to choose this week’s theme, as I’m the “guest conductor” for this month at M4, and the theme I chose was “Your Name In Song.” Since I had already done this one earlier, I chose to use my first initial, my whole middle name, and my last initial, just for some variety, since my full name is heavy on the O’s and N’s. I think everyone had a good time with it.

Brian Hyland was the featured artist this week. I mentioned to someone that his big hits were all different, with a novelty record, a teen-angst song, and an R&B cover.

I wrote a stream-of-consciousness post to describe my experience with the A to Z Challenge, and played around a little bit with color as I was doing so. I’m not sure anyone noticed, but I had fun with it.


In a result that surprised no one, Stanley Jordan shut out Lenny Breaux on “Sweet Georgia Brown.” Another battle this Tuesday.

My one-liner this week came from character actor Strother Martin.

The prompt I chose was to name a band or a TV show that I wish would reunite, and I chose Chicago, though it would be a bit difficult, seeing as one of the members (and maybe the key member), Terry Kath, died 40 years ago. Personally, I think the band died with him. In the years since then, two more original members have left and a third has retired from traveling, and the band now consists mostly of replacements (and in some cases, replacements of replacements). Based on the comments of The Real Music Observer (who makes some astute observations, despite being somewhat annoying), the remaining original members have said they want to work until they drop dead on stage. I don’t know what to say about that, but at this point I’d rather see a band of the members who have left.

It’s interesting what choosing a survey from a city other than one’s own can do to your perspective. In this case, I chose the survey from KRLA, “The Big 11-10” in Los Angeles, from May 11, 1962, and saw acts that I had never heard before even though they were in the Top 10 in LA. One of them was an act called René & Ray, about which I could find nothing. Fortunately, Hester, who says she’s spending more time on YouTube since she started reading my blog, was able to find this blog post about them from six years ago. I was going to feature them this week on Two for Tuesday, but really, I think that post sums up their careers better than I could, and I’d just be “borrowing” a lot of the same material from that post, so go read that one.

I learned something interesting: with Blogger, you can reach the same blog whether you use an extension of .com,, or I tried and, and they didn’t work.

Linda decided it would be fun to assign us a prompt where we were to look for words that had farm animal sounds in them. I came up with nine, which I guess would give me three times the bonus points. The commercial I chose was from the former Calumet Meat Company of Chicago, “The Home Of Moo And Oink,” which later changed its name to Moo & Oink and produced some classic commercials. Moo & Oink is closed now, but apparently the Best Meat Company (famous for their Kosher Hot Dogs) bought the name and is now selling Moo & Oink products all through Chicagoland.

This coming week should be a lot like the past week, but maybe not as busy.

Thanks and a tip o’ the Holton Hat (for bonus points, where does that come from?) to:

And that’s it for this edition of The Week That Was. Happy Mother’s Day, and I’ll see you in the funny papers!

8 thoughts on “The “Happy Mother’s Day 2018!” Week That Was

  1. Thank you for mentioning 4M… and thank you for that awesome theme last Monday. Yes, everyone had a blast doing it too! I received many compliments in the choice, but I made sure they realized that it came from our very HONORARY CONDUCTOR JOHN!!! Way ta go Johnny!!! Thank you for the Happy Mom’s Day… and not sure if you have kids… but Happy Mom’s Day to your lovely wife too! hugs to you both on this very pleasant day!


  2. Thanks for the mention! And the mention of the radio station of my youth: KRLA. It was through that station that the British Invasion happened for So Cal kids like me.


  3. “Any place… any time… is a good time for coke…”

    I used to know a few musicians who’d definitely agree with that. ;^}


  4. Thanks John for the mention … gosh I was glad I was born before the coke era really hit – we were brought up with water … and I am so grateful fizzy drinks didn’t really feature. Love those old commercials – but I’d prefer a British one!! I know I realised blogger extensions didn’t make a lot of difference when I moved over to Canada … the others still work … funny old life – cheers Hilary


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