A Pun For #1LinerWeds

Someone (I think it was me) said that puns are the lowest form of humor, but this was too good to pass on…

One-Liner Wednesday is brought to you each week by Linda Hill and this station. Now a word about E-Z Pop popcorn. That’s real BOP-corn!

Clearly an early version of Jiffy Pop. Or maybe Jiffy Pop was an early version of this, I don’t know.

Incidentally, Linda informs us that this is the last week for the badge we’ve been using for the last year, which was created by the charming and talented Dan Antion. Thanks, Dan! She has all the details on her blog on how to enter for the coming year, which will be decided over the weekend and which will make its debut next Wednesday. With any luck, it’ll be this one…

39 thoughts on “A Pun For #1LinerWeds

  1. My ex is famous for bad puns so this would make him laugh and he would start doing an array of puns based on this…which is funny by the way.


  2. Puns might be the lowest form of humour, but I love them. They’re like the chocolate form of laughs. The joy arrives quickly, lingers briefly before you move onto the next one.


  3. I love a good pun, and that WAS one. In fact, it was better. A good pun makes you laugh or groan. A great pun makes you do both. That one made me do both. 🙂


  4. First, ugh! That’s a good one, though. 🙂
    Second, great badge! Simple, and it gets the point across. Thanks for entering the contest, John! 😀


  5. I must be low-brow, because I LOVE puns (a/k/a groaners). The punnier, the better, and your entry for today is awesome, John.
    That’s a great badge, John!


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