The Pre-Checkup Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by instant Maxwell House coffee. Good to the last drop!

I heard that it was none other than Teddy Roosevelt that came up with the slogan.

The Week That Was

I have my annual physical tomorrow, and as you might guess I’m not looking forward to it. I don’t know why: my doctor is a nice person and I feel likke I’m doing pretty well, but there’s always that issue of taking off weight. Oh well.

Weather Underground has been forecasting torrential rain for the past week, and although we had a brief downpour earlier this afternoon (I’m writing this on Saturday) it’s been sunny and I understand warm and humid.

Anyway, here’s the week in review.


First, a reminder that voting is still open on my latest Battle of the Bands, “Battle ‘Avalon’: Benny Goodman vs. Django Reinhardt vs. Louis Armstrong.” I’ll announce the winner on Tuesday, so if you haven’t voted, you have about 48 hours to do so.

I continued with the idea of spelling out a phrase with the names of songs, this time using the phrase “Monday, Monday,” the first song being that hit by The Mamas & Papas.

We profiled Gene Pitney this week. Surprisingly, the song he’s best known for, “Town Without Pity,” didn’t perform as well on the charts as did some of his later songs.

I saw a really good pun that I shared with the group, and you all seemed to like it, too.

I talked about the time my mother tried to slap me and instead injured herself when I raised my elbow to defend myself. Big mom fail there.

I had so much luck the week before using a survey from Los Angeles that I decided to go even further west and found a survey from radio station 2SM in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia. There were a couple of songs from the US, but as you might expect most of the songs were from Australia or the UK. 2SM is now a talk station; I found their live feed using Simple Radio and spent a couple of interesting hours trying to understand my English-speaking brethren from Down Under. Winston Churchill once said that the US and UK are two people separated by a common language, and if you add Australia that’s three people. I enjoy listening to Galway Bay FM from Ireland, and that makes four…

Somehow, the prompt of “empty/hollow” led to a discussion of the Seventies TV show Sanford and Son and one of its occasional stars, Whitman Mayo as Grady, Fred’s friend. Mr. Mayo ended his days here in Atlanta, teaching drama at Clark Atlanta University and doing a TV show for Turner South, which showed locally-developed programs when they weren’t showing Atlanta Braves and Hawks games.

Tomorrow’s theme for Monday’s Music Moves Me, chosen by me, is “songs about remembering or forgetting.” I’ll announce the winner of “Battle ‘Avalon'” on Tuesday. Aside from that, no big surprises.

Thanks to…

And that’s it for this edition of The Week That Was. See you in the funny papers!

8 thoughts on “The Pre-Checkup Week That Was

  1. We have had a lovely day yesterday and today weather wise for our Victoria Day weekend. Everybody is buying plants right now. I hope the check up went well despite the lose weight thing which I can relate.


  2. Good luck with the checkup. I hate going to the doctors too. I have white coat syndrome and they always want to put me on blood pressure meds. I continue to resist.


    1. I’m taking some pretty heavy stuff for my BP, so that was really good. It still worries me when I go in, because I don’t want to hear I have some terrible disease… I filled out the family history. It was scary how many people have had cancer. But my doctor is a nice guy and reasonably competent. He told me I’ve lost 20 pounds in two years, which made me happy.

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