#1LinerWeds from Jane Wagner

I had this habit a while back where I would see a good quote, put it into a suitable-for-framing Word document, and save it in my Documents folder. Then I’d forget all about it. One day I decided to clean out my Documents folder and found all of them, so I put them in Evernote and discarded the original file. Occasionally, when I’m stuck looking for a particularly pithy comment, I go through that Evernote notebook. I found this in there.

I didn’t know (or couldn’t remember) who Jane Wagner was, so I looked her up and discovered she’s Lily Tomlin’s writer. Sounds like Lily, doesn’t it?

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Now a word from Crest toothpaste. Have regular checkups, watch between-meal treats, and brush often with Crest, and you’ll have 21% fewer cavities!

I think that statement from the American Dental Association is on practically every other toothpaste…

16 thoughts on “#1LinerWeds from Jane Wagner

    1. They design and conduct a scientific experiment in which they set up two groups, one that uses toothpaste with “Fluoristan” (which sounds like a country in southern Asia, like Kazakhstan or Kyrgyzstan) and one that uses a toothpaste without. They have both groups brush for a given period of time, after which they compare the two groups. When the results are known, they turn it over to the marketing folks who pull the 21% figure out of the air. Aren’t you glad you asked? XD

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  1. I think i read this quote before but, no matter, it is quite funny. I would like to read more of her quotes…reminds me of Dorothy Parker


  2. Excellent! I love Lily Tomlin. I have the same situation with special photos. Saving them for poetic inspiration. Now I’m just going to share them . Brusha, brusha, brushaaa….ipana.


  3. John,

    I got a kick out of the vintage commercial. I thought, “Yeah, like a teenager knows he gets 21% fewer cavities.” That seems funny to me. 🙂


    1. Do you remember Wacky Packages, parodies of actual products (e.g. “Weakies – Breakfast of Chumps!”)? They had a picture of a kid with his teeth falling out on the tube, along with the message “Brush teeth twice a year.”

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  4. It does sound like Lily.
    At first I thought Lindsay Wagner of Bionic Woman fame.
    I will have to check out more of Jane’s work.


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