Writer’s Workshop: Come Join Us!

I’ve been doing Mama Kat’s Pretty Much World Famous Writer’s Workshop since October 8, 2015, or about 2 ½ years now, and recommend it highly to all who read The Sound of One Hand Typing and are looking for something (else) to do blog-wise on Thursdays. Every Tuesday or so, she posts a list of writing prompts on her blog, like this one, from which we are to choose one and write on it. On Thursday, she puts a Linky out there, and everyone who’s done it posts a link to their post, then goes and visits as many of the people as they can, in true Blog Hop fashion.

You can see all of the posts I’ve written for MKPMWFWW here. Kat is a lovely person and I’m sure she wouldn’t mind if some (or all) of you were to join in on the fun. So, give the Writer’s Workshop a try. Click that badge for rules, and I’ll see you soon. Maybe next time!

(The prompt was to write a post that ended with the sentence “Maybe next time!”)

12 thoughts on “Writer’s Workshop: Come Join Us!

  1. Come one come all!! 🙂 I sometimes wonder what I would fill my blog writing about if I didn’t have the little workshop keeping me going. I always look forward to seeing everyone’s different takes on the same prompts!


    1. The drink recipes and excursions with your friend are pretty entertaining, as are the stories about your kids. But the prompts usually point you in interesting directions. I enjoy it and want to see it continue.


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