Required GDPR Statement, Thanks To XKCD

I know that, as of today, new rules for collecting information and leaving cookies on your computer, commonly called GDPR, have been enacted in the EU, and I’ve seen a number of you put messages like this out on your blogs. I’m not collecting any data, as far as I know, though some of you have subscribed by mail, all of which is handled by WordPress, and WordPress also leaves cookies, which I have no control over. They put a disclaimer box on the page that tells you what they’re doing, so I think I’m in the clear.

Nonetheless, the last thing in the world I want or need is for some EU bureaucrat to show up at my house and wag his finger in my face because I neglected to play by the new rules, especially since I haven’t a clue what they are. Fortunately, Randall Munroe, who draws the Internet comic xkcd, posted his privacy policy for his blog and said it was okay for me to reproduce it on mine, so here goes.

Thank you,!

Any further questions, comments, bowling scores, etc. may be directed to my attorney, whose picture is below.

Source: Merriam-Webster

20 thoughts on “Required GDPR Statement, Thanks To XKCD

  1. Hi John – I’m quite glad I haven’t roared ahead … and only have my blog.

    The interesting change I’ve noted is that I’m not getting comments through to my email any more – when someone commented I’d get an email letting me know – two things that now will be a pain … one is the fact that I’ll need to check if a spammer has posted a comment – as it won’t show in my email box, and 2ndly when I get comments I’ll need to constantly check to see if any have come through … ah well – blame it on my lot over in Bruxelles – but actually the regulatory body is in Ireland! – … take care and have a good Memorial Day weekend – cheers Hilary


    1. You might want to contact Blogger about not getting comments, because you should be getting them. It’s weird, though: we have a private blog for the A to Z coordinators, and I get comments from everyone except for Arlee. No idea why…

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      1. Yes, I must look into it … just when things work … you think they’d continue to do so … but yes I don’t get some comments coming through … and have no idea why – but now the whole lot don’t. I’ll have a look behind the scenes … cheers Hilary

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  2. Love that!

    I have no idea if I have to do anything either, but as my website is currently read only unless a reader chooses to leave a comment (which is controlled by WordPress), I assume I’m fine.


    1. Same here. I think if you had a mailing list with MailChimp or were doing some kind of business you’d have to be more concerned, but if, like me, you’re just doing this for giggles, as long as WordPress does its job, we’re in the clear.


  3. I love your disclaimer!

    One of my blogs, ThusNSuch, is on WP’s Business plan which WP suggested I create a Privacy Policy, and they had sample wording. Their reasoning is some of the plugins that come with the Business Plan may collect personal data. 🤨 Of course, this was tied in with the GDPR requirement.

    Their wording was confusing, so I explored and found wording used by another blogger which seemed easier to understand and to the point. I created a Page for both blogs and added the Cookie Banner.

    Here’s an interesting post on the GDPR requirement –

    For those of us that live in the US, I feel the Cookie banner is sufficient. With that said, I read somewhere that if our blog has a European audience, we should have a Privacy Policy.



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