Almost Nothing About Grills #socs

I used to cook out a lot on a grill, but I haven’t in some time. I guess we kind of lost interest in it, kind of like we lost interest in the Cuisinart Griddler we were making a lot of meals on. Well, okay, mostly hamburgers. We don’t eat a whole lot of hamburgers anymore. I had one the other day, after my doctor’s appointment. Chili’s has a lunch double burger that’s really good, and I had it with onion rings instead of fries. Less salt that way.

Speaking of my doctor’s appointment, it went really well, I think. I’ve put on a pound since last year at this time, but since two years ago, I’ve lost 20, so I’ll take that. He’d like to see me lose about 2-3 pounds a month this year, but I’m not going to diet, just cut back on how much I’m eating, which really isn’t that much to begin with. It’d be nice to get back to 140 pounds, like I was in college, but that’s a long way off and not worth the effort. Besides, I was underweight back then. They did blood work, and my cholesterol is down about 3 points. Good cholesterol is up a point, bad is down a point, so I think the reduction came in the other kind of cholesterol. Yes, there’s a third kind, at least from what I saw. HDL is the good kind, LDL is the bad, so I guess the third is MDL. Everything else is good, except my potassium, which is kind of borderline, so I’m having Mary give me two potassium tablets instead of one for a while. I guess one of the meds I take for my blood pressure has a tendency to reduce it, so I just need more.

None of which has anything to do with grills, or grilles, or Jason Grilli, for that matter. Guess he retired at the end of last year, after a 15-year career as a journeyman pitcher who, as they say, modeled quite a few uniforms in his time, including a year with the White Sox (2004) and a year and a half with the Braves (2015-16). Seems like a genial kind of guy. Baseball needs more like him, I think.

Memorial Day is Monday, and the Braves are playing a day-night doubleheader against the Mets, while the White Sox play a late afternoon game in Cleveland. Baseball is big on Memorial Day, as well as during the rest of the summer. If you live in the US, have a good Memorial Day on Monday. If not, have a good day Monday.

Stream of Consciousness Saturday is brought to you each week by Linda Hill and this station. Now a word from Mum deodorant, now with M-3. Mum’s the word!

36 thoughts on “Almost Nothing About Grills #socs

  1. Who wants to be thin as a rail anyway? People will say you look anemic. Congrats on the good results. I’m procrastinating on getting my blood tests done. Guess I better bite the bullet.


    1. I’m afraid if I lose too much weight too quickly, people will think I have cancer…

      I’m lucky: the facility where my doctor works has their own phlebotomists on staff and I get my blood drawn right there. I just have to remember to fast, which is why I schedule my appointment for the morning. They can tell so much from bloodwork now… it’s best to just go and get it over with, if nothing else.

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  2. Glad you got a good health report. We have a long weekend here too – Monday is a Bank Holiday. Our memorial services are in November. Of course when you’re retired everyday is like a holiday 😉


  3. We haven’t grilled in a while either. It seems like a lot of work. But your good work in the health arena has really paid off! Yay for progress!


  4. Jason Grilli was a closer for the Pirates in one of our best years recently. I think he was on the cover of Sports Illustrated with the title “Grilled Cheese”

    Hope you’re enjoying the weekend John.


  5. I hope you have a wonderful rest of Memorial Day weekend, John! 🇺🇸
    I went up and bought in Cleveland Ohio at Earth Fare, some baby back ribs and skewers with shrimp wrapped around scallops for my brother Randy to grill, while my youngest brother cooked up veggies and baked potatoes. I set the table and ran to get my Mom from her memory care facility. My sister-in-law walked in, poured the wine and relaxed from her day’s work.
    I have a new schedule this month which unfortunately means I work both Sunday and Monday.
    Take care and thank you for your kind comments. 😀


  6. Kudos on the cholesterol levels! Those things are no joke, and the doctors get pretty peeved when results come back high too often. (I should know. Genetics. Sheesh.)


  7. HAPPY, HAPPY MEMORIAL WEEKEND to you and yours… eat lots of goodies, shoot off fireworks, have tons of fun, but most of all be safe… BIG HUGS… AND GOD BLESS AMERICA!


  8. Almost nothing about grills was an interesting read. Congrats on the good numbers. I find mine out Tuesday. Holding my breath til then.


  9. We don’t use our BBQ much either but yesterday we did! My hubby makes excellent burgers and cooked them up. I never eat the burgers with the buns because it’s too much. So I cut up tomato and cucumber and I have cheese on my burger…very delicious:). We had our holiday last week so enjoy yours this weekend.


  10. Hi John – glad to see you’re holding your own – which frankly is good news. Well done … and we’ve been bbqueuing … not quite the way I know from my South African days … but it’s different and always good to have a change – and we’re having one tonight while we try and get the pool sorted out … lucky me!! Cheers Hilary


    1. BBQ means different things in different places. For example, in North Carolina it’s shredded slow-cooked pork with malt vinegar, while in Texas it’s a variety of meat in a tomato-based sauce. In Memphis, ribs are cooked with a dry rub, while in Kansas City they’re cooked with BBQ sauce similar to Texas. In Chicago, cooking hamburgers, steak, hot dogs and chicken on a grill is BBQ’ing, in the South that’s grilling. I’m sure what you had in South Africa was different from those, or maybe not…


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