The Memorial Day 2018 Edition of The Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by Dodge.

They don’t do long commercials like this one anymore. Probably a good thing.

The Week That Was

I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend. We’ve had dire predictions of torrential rain and flooding all week, and every afternoon is bright and sunny. I should have been a meteorologist. I could be totally wrong every day and still keep my job. Before moving along with the summary for the week, there’s been something I’ve been forgetting, that I should have addressed on Tuesday.


Back on May 15, I had a Battle of the Bands. The song was Al Jolson’s “Avalon” and the combatants were The Benny Goodman Quartet, Louis Armstrong with members of The Dukes of Dixieland, and Django Reinhardt with Stephane Grappelli and presumably other members of the Quintette along with a couple of unidentified horn players. Here are the results:

Benny Goodman: 6
Django Reinhardt: 4
Louis Armstrong: 1

Congratulations to Benny, kudos to Django for making it close, and Louis, I guess them’s the breaks.

I’m going to take the next round, scheduled for this Friday, and the next one, scheduled for two weeks later, off while I focus on visiting other BotB participants and voting in their battles. I’ve been remiss and I apologize to them for that.

The theme I chose for this past Monday was “songs about remembering and forgetting,” in honor of Memorial Day, because that’ll be a freebie and I think everyone appreciates those. Thanks again to Marie, a/k/a Xmas Dolly, for giving me the opportunity to be the Guest Conductor, and I hope I’ll get another chance later.

Del Shannon, one of my favorite artists from the early Sixties, was the featured artist.

Congratulations again to Cheryl at Dreaming Reality for winning the 2018-2019 badge design contest. My one liner this week was from Jane Wagner, one of Lily Tomlin’s writers.

I used this week’s Writer’s Workshop prompt, to write a post ending with “Maybe next time!”, to invite everyone reading this blog to join the Writer’s Workshop that Mama Kat runs each week. And I didn’t get in trouble for suggesting it, so it’s cool with her. Hope to see some of you join in the fun!

I consolidated all of the playlists I’ve done for previous “summer playlist” posts and created a comprehensive one. I’m sure I missed a few songs, but it was comprehensive as far as I had done.

Also Friday, I published my GDPR statement, which was actually the one from snarky Internet comic xkcd.

The prompt was “grill,” and after writing about my own experiences with a grill I talked about my annual checkup that I had on Monday.

It’ll be a quiet week, only my usual features, but I reserve the right to surprise you.

Thanks to:

And that’s it for this holiday edition of The Week That Was. For those of you in the US, have a good Memorial Day and be sure to remember all our service members, including the horses, dogs, mules, goats, carrier pigeons, camels and other animals who served this country with distinction. See you in the funny papers!

6 thoughts on “The Memorial Day 2018 Edition of The Week That Was

  1. Oh my…that commercial is so…bad. The singer is not that great but probably had a career in small theatre or a Las Vegas Grade Z casino. I figured Benny would win but I am surprised that Louis didn’t get more votes.


  2. Wow, just to think that these singers that didn’t quite make it or just starting out perhaps would stoop to commercials. This man reminds me of Nelson Eddy… hmmmm do you think it was him? ~hehehe~ I know music on the brain.. yep, that’s me! John, John, John we loved having you as our Honorary Conductor and MAYBE WE’LL HAVE YOU AGAIN???? ARE YOU KIDDIN? DUDE, NAME THE MONTH… we’re at October… right now and December is out because it’s tradition that the whole month of December at XmasDolly’s it’s Christmas Music (~hehehe)!!! So name the month my friend… just let me know when you’re ready for you paved the ways for others how to share their talent too! YOU WERE GREAT! BIG HUGS AND HAPPY MEMORIAL DAY TO YOU AND YOURS! HUGS AND THANK YOU FOR BEING YOU!


  3. Hi John – I started watching – then came to comment and am listening … it is so of its time – I guess the car was black!! Cheers and happy Memorial weekend to you two – cheers Hilary


    1. Thanks! If you watch later in the video, the car they show (which is probably not the one they were building) is a two-tone, which was popular at the time, white and some other color. This one looks like it might have been white and aqua, based on what I remember about cars at the time.


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