The Friday 5×2: Top 10 From 2WS (Sydney, NSW) On This Day In 1979

Back Down Under for another survey, courtesy of ARSA. 2SW was an AM Top 40 station in Sydney, Australia that started broadcasting to the western suburbs in late November 1978. They moved to the FM band (101.7) in 1993 to cover the entire Sydney Metropolitan area, and by 2001 had rebranded themselves as WSFM. You can hear them on iHeart Radio, although I had trouble getting the station to launch. Anyway, here’s what they were listening to in 1979.

  1. Gloria Gaynor, “I Will Survive” Disco was still a force to be reckoned with in 1979, and Ms. Gaynor, who already had a #1 hit in the US, was climbing the charts in Australia, eventually reaching #3.
  2. Glenn Shorrock, “Dream Lover” While he was still with the Little River Band, Glenn had a hit with an acoustic version of Bobby Darin’s hit from 1959. It peaked at #8 on the Kent Music Report‘s Singles Chart (Australia’s answer to the Hot 100).
  3. Frank Mills, “Music Box Dancer” Canadian Frank Mills’s US #3 instrumental song was a hit internationally, and also his lone Top 40 hit.
  4. Beeb Birtles & Graeham Goble, “I’m Coming Home” Two more mmbers of the Little River Band had a hit single with this one.
  5. Lene Lovich, “Lucky Number” Detroit-born and UK-based singer Lovich had her greatest success with this song, which rose to #3 in the US and #2 in Australia.
  6. Lynne Hamilton, “On The Inside” This was the theme song for the Australian TV show Prisoner. Lynne was born in England but had her greatest success in Australia thanks to this song. She now works as an Evangelist minister.
  7. Blondie, “Heart Of Glass” This song reached #1 in both the US and Australia, and most of the free world, for that matter.
  8. Promises, “Baby It’s You” The Canada-based band got its start in Sherman Oaks, California, and reached #2 in Australia and #1 in New Zealand with this, which went nowhere in Canada.
  9. Amii Stewart, “Knock On Wood” American artist Amii Stewart had a #1 in the US with this, a disco cover of Eddie Floyd’s ’60’s hit, and reached #2 in Australia.
  10. Racey, “Lay Your Love On Me” This British pop group reached #1 in Australia with this hit, as well as #2 in Ireland and #3 in the UK. Another of their songs, “Kitty,” was covered by Toni Basil, who changed its name to “Mickey” and had an international hit in 1981.

In the event you have trouble playing this here, try it over on YouTube. Sometimes it works better there, alhough there’s not much I can do if a song has been blocked in your country.

That’s The Friday 5×2 for June 1, 2018.

13 thoughts on “The Friday 5×2: Top 10 From 2WS (Sydney, NSW) On This Day In 1979

  1. I came to see if you had a Battle for today and then found in a past post that you were sitting out a couple rounds. Be sure to check out my current Battle–I think you’ll appreciate this one.

    I must have still been listening to hit radio back in 1979 because I remember hearing all of these songs on a fairly regular basis. Most I haven’t heard since those days.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


    1. Well, not all of the songs, but maybe four. The song titles of the others sounded like other songs I’ve heard.


    2. I’ll be sure to stop in. I’ve just been really lousy about visiting and commenting and didn’t feel right about running a battle if I was going to be that way. A to Z has a tendency to burn me out on the visiting side, as you can probably guess.

      I knew a number of these, which was kind of disappointing. I had done the survey post from 2SM the week before and most of the songs didn’t hit the Top 40 here, and I was hoping for that to happen again, but by then the American market had conquered the world. It’s like the Eurovision Song Contest, where practically all the songs are in English and all the contestants sound like they came from “American Idol” now. Go back to the ’50’s, ’60’s and the early ’70’s and you get much more variety. ah well….


    1. Triple J now, right? Have to see what I can find for them. I was a little disappointed that there weren’t more Australian acts on the surveys I’ve done so far.


    1. I thought so, though I was a little disappointed there wasn’t more local (i.e. Australian) music. I have the name of another station to check out, although I don’t know if they issued surveys. That’ll be this Friday if I find one.

      Liked by 1 person

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