I Have My Reservations… #socs

First, an oldie from Paul Revere & The Raiders.

I used to travel a lot, and I would have to call and make all my own reservations. Usually, I’d call a travel agent and have them set everything up, and usually everything was fine. This one week, though, I set up a trip, leaving on Sunday, returning on Friday, with a car and hotel at my destination. It was one of those weeks where I had to go to the office on a Saturday to turn in my paperwork and pick up my tickets to leave Sunday. I didn’t want to spend my afternoon at the office, so I left my paperwork in my manager’s mailbox, grabbed the tickets from my mailbox and tossed them in my briefcase, and left.

The next day, I got to the airport, stand in line for twenty minutes and stand in line for twenty minutes or so. When it’s my turn, I go to the agent and give her the tickets.

She looks at them for a minute and asks, “Where are you going?”

“Minneapolis.” (I’m not sure if that was the destination, but I went there a lot, so let’s go with it.)

“Well, not according to this.” She hands me back my ticket. One look told me I was in trouble. While my travel agent booked my car and hotel in Minneapolis, she got the flight arrangements backward. She had booked the flight on Sunday to leave from Minneapolis to Chicago, and the one on Friday to return to Minneapolis from Chicago.

Fortunately, this was in the freewheeling days before airlines charged to change arrangements. I had to fly out later than I had expected, but at least the tickets I had were for the right itinerary. I asked the agent if they could take the travel agent’s commission. She just laughed. Needless to say, I had words with my travel agent on Monday morning.

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  1. Air travel makes me angry. It used to be roomier, you got free booze, free headphones, food etc.. now you feel like a sardine and there is a cost to everything plus food is scarce but travel has become more André more expensive


    1. It’s as though they went out of their way to deliberately make air travel the most uncomfortable and unpleasant experience as possible. That’s one of the advantages of retirement for me: no more traveling. Mary and I are happy to live out our days within a 5-mile radius of home.


  2. After my first plane ride ever, the novelty of flying wore off for me. Thankfully I have not had to fly commercial for business lately. After 6 years of quarterly trips, I was done. I can just imagine this though. You painted a vivid picture. What a mess.


    1. I’m afraid that nowadays, if something like that happened, I’d be SOL. I’d have to pay for a whole new set of tickets at premium prices, then I’d have to return the ones I had, which were nonrefundable…

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  3. Had a mad crush on Mark Lindsay. He was a poster boy on my bedroom wall. I love air traveling but not the expense. I didn’t travel much before so I am still able to treat it all as one big adventure, except I would have a problem with going the wrong way!


  4. Haha, and WOW. I’ll never know how nice air travel was, but I enjoy a nice tale of yore. I flew before 9/11 and not since. (Not because of 9/11, because kids.) Although I know I will fly in the future, I also know it won’t even be as nice as it was in 1999.


    1. Time was they’d have three flights to a city, and almost every middle seat was empty. In the mid-’90’s they decided to cut that back to two flights and stuffed everyone on the two remaining planes to save them money. Price of the ticket didn’t go down, though.


  5. Ah, the joys of travel in those primitive times. People making arrangements for you. Gate personnel who were willing and able to help. Feeling like the airline wanted your business. Having a reasonably comfortable seat.

    Wait, has this been progress?


    1. Since 9/11 in particular, it’s become a downright painful experience. I don’t care what the airlines say, the seats are more narrow and closer together, and I’m surprised there aren’t passengers hanging onto straps a la the New York subway. On one flight, I swear I heard someone say that the train ride to Auschwitz was roomier and more comfortable.

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