The Father’s Day 2018 Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by US Rubber, maker of Keds. Keds, kids, Keds!

Do you call them sneakers or gym shoes? I go with the latter, even though most Keds I owned never saw the inside of a gym. That’s just what we called them.

The Week That Was

First, Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there, particularly to my brothers and cousins and cousins-in-law (what do you call your cousins’ spouses?) who are fathers. A special wish for a Happy Heavenly Father’s Day to my dad, Bill Holton, my stepfather, Jack “Tex” Christian, my father-in-law, Joe Kacka, and all my male relatives who were dads.

That said, here’s the summary for last week.

Had trouble coming up with a topic for Monday, so I did a survey post: From WJJD in Chicago, their very first survey from 1956. It was interesting, because although rock & roll had been a big deal for about a year, there were only a couple of rock songs in the Top 10.

I was surprised to see that I hadn’t done Bobby Darin yet, so he was the featured artist.

This week’s one-liner was a first line (okay, two lines) that I came up with a number of years ago that I thought would be a good beginning to a story. I never used it, so if you can, knock yourself out. Maybe I should run a contest with it, though I don’t have anything to give a way in the way of prizes… what do you think?

The prompt “bright” brought to mind a book that was in my Dad’s collection, Bright Leaf, which made me think of how I never read any of his books because I was afraid I’d get in trouble. Kip thinks it was because I drew an escape plan in one of them (long story). He’s probably not wrong, but I think that was just part of it.

Since I had already done a survey post this week, and because someone revived what has turned out to be my most-popular post of all time, I posted a playlist of ten more songs with “ain’t” in the title.

The prompt “reservation” made me think of all the travel arrangements I ever made, including one trip where the travel agent got it backwards.

I’m not planning anything exciting for the coming week, but you never know what could happen.

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And that’s it for this edition of The Week That Was. See you in the funny papers!

14 thoughts on “The Father’s Day 2018 Week That Was

  1. I’ve worn Keds my whole life. I have other sneakers, tennies, trainers, I wear, too, but Keds all my life. (And on my wedding day — beaded!)
    The Ain’t List was fantastic!


    1. I wrote the original “ain’t” list over three years ago, and I’m amazed that it’s so popular. Weird how that happens sometimes.

      We moved from the city to the suburbs when I was a sophomore in high school, and it seemed the only gym shoes we could get were Converse. I liked the ProKeds, their answer to the Chuck Taylor All-Stars, but couldn’t get them. Strange…

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  2. That commercial is just fun to watch when things were more innocent like clowns and kids…especially that kid in those baggy pants:) happy dad’s day to my daddy, my dad in law, and my brother. I do miss your BOTB post.


    1. I’ll probably get back to BotB July 15. Just needed to give it a rest and focus on everyone else’s battles.

      Clowns used to be fun until Stephen King came out with “It,” and the fact that John Gacy, a notorious serial killer of teenaged boys, played a clown probably didn’t help matters, either.


    1. Remember Red Ball Jets? They were popular back in the day, but Keds and PF Flyers were the big ones. Black high-tops were always the preferred ones.


  3. Hi John,
    Happy Father’s Day. Was looking for a BOTB post but found this instead. I read your travel agent story: thankfully it happened long ago when making changes wasn’t such a big deal. Today I’m sure that would’ve been a nightmare. I bet you had a little chat with the agent. I would’ve been so irritated. I hate monkey wrenches thrown into my plans.

    by the way, where I come from they’re called sneakers. I watched the Keds commercial. So funny how lame some of those spots were back then. Does anyone use clowns in advertising anymore? I would think it would be a negative but then again I have a clown phobia…

    I didn’t get a chance to listen to your “Ain’t” playlist but that’s a great theme idea. I for one am a big fan of the word “ain’t” !

    Hope you’re having a good Sunday.

    Michele at Angels Bark


    1. I’m taking this month off from BotB because I wasn’t commenting on battles like I should have, to my mind. I might take next month off, or at least the battle on the 1st, off as well.

      There’s a link to my original “ain’t” post from 2015 in the latest one. If you Google “songs with ain’t in the title,” mine comes up first. Pretty amazing. ..

      The earlier commercials I feature a couple of times a week are from a simpler and happier time. I think that’s why I put them in.


  4. Hi John – Happy Father’s Day … I wrote a blog post August 2011 about all the names for sneakers, gym shoes, et al … so many variations … however – all Dads have wonderful weekends with family and friends … cheers Hilary


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