The First Week That Was Of Summer 2018

This edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by Cheerios. Big G, little o spells “Go!”

Rocky & Bullwinkle was brought to you each week by General Mills, who eventually created Total Television to develop cartoons like Tennessee Tuxedo and Underdog. But you knew that, didn’t you?

The Week That Was

I have a kitty, Homer, who left for The Bridge this morning. Think good thoughts.

Mary ordered some buttons from somewhere in Greece, and they came wrapped in a page from an old textbook called Aβυσσαίοι Oργανισμοί (Abnormal Organisms), which looks like it’s about strange underseas creatures. What I can still read of Greek (which ain’t much) confirms this. However, as I was looking through the text, I see a letter which I’m not familiar with, that looks like a curly “C”:

I’ve tried looking for it on the Internet, checking all the Greek orthography sites, and can’t find anything about it. It might be from a language that’s based in Greek and uses the Greek alphabet but adds a couple of additional characters to represent sounds that don’t exist in Greek, similar to Mongolian, which is written using the Cyrillic alphabet but adds a number of characters to represent sounds that aren’t used in Russian. Anyone have any thoughts?

While you’re working on that, here’s the summary for the week.

The theme this past Monday was “movie and TV themes from your childhood.” I’ve done so much in the way of TV themes, I just picked some of the ones I’d already used.

The featuerd artist was Dion DiMucci, generally just called Dion. He’s had a long and varied career. I think this week I’ll link to artists active during the Baby Boom years that I’ve already done, unless I run across someone I haven’t done from that period. I’m saving one for the last entry in the series; maybe it’s time to do him. I’ll decide by Tuesday.

This week’s one-liner was from the humor blog Rough Bandit, which you should read daily for a few laughs.

I wrote about Lake Michigan and Lake Delavan, two lakes I have swum (swimmed?) in, which was the prompt.

Did the Top 10 from radio station 4BC in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia from 1962. 4BC is now a news-talk station, but runs a country music show on Saturday nights, and maybe other music shows during the week.

The prompt was “bug,” giving me a chance to write about Ravi Kapoor, who played “Bug” on the TV show Crossing Jordan, and about fixing bugs in programs.

Tomorrow’s freebie will be an answer to a meme I was tagged in on Facebook. Haven’t decided who the featured artist will be on Tuesday, nor what my next series will be. I’m actively scouring all the usual sources for one-liners for Wednesday and the survey sites for Friday (there are a bunch of people sharing surveys on Pinterest; maybe I’ll look there this week), and I’m waiting on prompts for Thursday and Saturday. I might jump back intio the Battle of the Bands fray next Sunday, or might put off my return until the 15th. And, who knows what else? Stay tuned.

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And that’s it for this edition of The Week That Was. See you in the funny papers!

12 thoughts on “The First Week That Was Of Summer 2018

  1. I feel sure, Homer will find lots of furry friends in Kitty Heaven. We’re grateful for each day our 17-year-old cat is alive. I try not to think about her leaving us. Fyi, past tense of swim is swam but if the word is preceded by a helping verb, it changes to swum thus I have swum or I’ve swum is correct. 🙂


    1. I think they call “swum” the pluperfect in Latin.

      We’ve had a bunch of cats and more than a few that depended on us for food, and Homer lived with about half of them, so yes, he already has lots of company, including his brother Jethro.

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    1. Cyrillic is kind of like Greek, but there are a whole mess of other letters representing sounds that aren’t used in Greek. I can read it well enough (not that I understand any of it, though Lord knows I’ve tried). Greek is easier to read and there’s the advantage of being able to recognize some of the words, but that one letter is driving me spare…

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  2. I am so sorry to hear about Homer…maybe we can see a pic of him and I hope he didn’t suffer much. Next week I will be on a plane bound for Vancouver! I enjoyed the music of Dion. I look forward to your 2 for Tuesday and what you write about.


    1. I looked for a picture of him, and couldn’t find any. When I find one or more, I’ll be sure and post it/them. I know I have some (at least from his younger days)….


  3. So sorry to hear about Homer. Maple, our 15-year-old Golden Retriever, will probably be joining him tomorrow. Never gets easier, does it?


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