Two for Tuesday: Elvis Presley

I’ve made an executive decision that this will be the last post in this particular series of Two for Tuesday. Don’t know what the next series will be. Maybe it’ll just be randomness, or maybe a couple of months of reposts. Actually, that sounds like a pretty good idea…

I saved Elvis Presley for the end of the series, because he was the biggest name of the Baby Boom era. He sold more records than anyone, had more #1’s than anyone, was big in Pop and Country music, had a bunch of #1’s in the UK. He was a draw at the record store, at the movies, and on TV. He was the deciding factor in Billboard renaming its primary chart the Hot 100. And for all the talk about him being a bad influence, he was a gentleman, a patriot, loved his parents, feared the Lord, and treated everyone with respect, regardless of race, color or creed. As I often say, his Mama raised him right. He appeared frequently on The Ed Sullivan Show in the ’50’s. This clip features Elvis singing “Peace In The Valley” with The Jordanaires, and it shows the high regard that Ed had for him.

I did profile Elvis in one of the first Two for Tuesdays, so let’s just get into the tunes.

“Don’t Be Cruel”: From 1956, it was his first #1 on the Hot 100, the Country chart, and in the UK. The record was certified four times Platinum.

“All Shook Up”: From 1957, it also went to #1 on the Hot 100, Country chart, and in the UK. Certified double Platinum.

“It’s Now Or Never”: From 1960, this went to #1 on the Hot 100 and was certified Platinum. The melody was based on the Italian song “O Sole Mio.” Elvis heard another song based on the melody, Tony Martin’s “There’s No Tomorrow” from 1949, while he was in the Army and told his publisher, who hired Aaron Schroeder and Wally Gold to write new lyrics. It reached #1 on the Hot 100 and #6 on the R&B chart in the US. The UK release was delayed due to rights issues, and when those were resolved it sold so many copies in advance that it entered the UK chart at #1.

It seems everyone has a favorite Elvis song; what’s yours? Mine is “Kentucky Rain.”

Elvis Presley, your Two for Tuesday, June 26, 2018.

14 thoughts on “Two for Tuesday: Elvis Presley

  1. Elvis, still the king of rock and roll, IMO. It’s hard to choose a favorite. I like the beat to some of his older songs such as “Don’t Be Cruel”. “Suspicious Mind” is up there with my favs.


  2. John,

    Elvis is undoubtedly one if not THE best ever in the business. It almost seems like my parents had his version of “Peace in the Valley” which he did so beautifully. He did quite a bit of old gospel hymns in his lifetime. I loved watching his old flick on TV’s Saturday Matinee when I was a kid. I probably had a crush on him but I’m not sure. He certainly was a handsome fellow in his youth.


    1. WLS-TV used to have “Elvis Week” a couple of times a year on “The 3:30 Movie.” You’d see maybe an hour of the movies after they fit in all the commercials. They were still fun to watch.

      He did at least one whole album of just gospel songs and occasionally added one to his other albums. He believed that rock & roll owed as much to gospel as to blues, country, and R&B. Like a lot of Southern singers, he started out singing in church.


  3. Love Elvis. I think my favorite is Always on My Mind but also Suspicious Mind. Looking forward to your next Tuesday Series.


    1. Elvis sounds better singing “Always On My Mind” than Willie Nelson, and Willie wrote it. “Suspicious Minds” is from that period between his return from the Army and “Elvis in Hawai’i,” which I think was one of his better periods musically.

      Next series is “Summer Reruns.” Stay tuned.

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  4. I’m a little sad that this will end but what an ending! Elvis is the way to go because he was so talented. I like Little Sister and that new Vegas song that was “found” just a few years back.


    1. I’m going to do “encore presentations” in July and August, some of which fit the theme, so stay tuned…

      Elvis was the biggest musical act in my lifetime, and still is huge, even though he’s been dead over 40 years. There aren’t many people in this world who haven’t heard one of his records or seen one of his movies. He’s an icon. I couldn’t not do him, and in fact I had already done him before, but I did him again. To me, his best period musically was the mid to late Sixties, but with Elvis, it was all good.


  5. If you asked me tomorrow I would probably have a different opinion, but for now, at 8:30 on a Tuesday morning I’m going with “My Way” as my favorite. – So many good ones.


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