Implant Update

So, the plan for today was go to the dentist, get the new tooth screwed into the implant, go immediately to the periodontist so he can have a look and give it his blessing, everything would be fine and the world would once again be made of donuts.

It started out great: the dentist had my new tooth, which fit well in the gap that’s been sitting there since last year at this time. All she has to do is screw it in. She gets all the tools together and starts using this tiny torque wrench to tighten everything. And she tightents, and tightens, changes tools, tightens again… the next thing I know, she untightens it and takes it out of my mouth, saying she needs to try it on the model.

She comes back a couple of minutes later and explains that she couldn’t tighten it to the appropriate level of torque. She explains that she needs to get the torque up to 35, and the highest she can get it is 15. Her answer is to clear away part of the porcelain around the screw hole so she can get the things seated. So, she drills and drills and drills some more, then decides that’s for the birds, puts the healing abutment (the piece the periodontist put in after he saw that the implant was good) back in, and tells me that she has to order a new replacement tooth and a new piece for her torque wrench, and that when she has all the pieces she’ll call me and we can set up another appointment.

So, I’m back where I started.

The silver lining is that Mary and I went out to lunch and are now having coffee, because neither of us wanted to go home. So it could have been worse…

21 thoughts on “Implant Update

    1. These things happen, and at least she was on the ball enough to stop what she was doing and contact the company that made the tooth. I’d rather they do that than try to make it work and leave a mess…

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    1. Eventually you realize that getting upset about it does no one any good. If I’m paying close to two grand for it, I want it to be as close to perfect as humanly possible. And I like that she takes the care to get it right.

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  1. John,

    DH has had a number of implants over the past 4 or 5 years and I understand that this isn’t a fast process. It takes months and many, many visits until completion. Here’s hoping the next time you sit in the dental chair that things go better!


    1. I’d rather have it done right than have to go back because the thing fell out. I can suffer another couple of weeks with the healing abutment if it means that when we’re done, we’re done. It’s been almost a year now, I can wait a couple more weeks.


  2. What a bummer but you handled it like a champ and the coffee was well deserved. I have issues with dentists and have spent hours in dentist chairs. IMO, teeth should be healthy and last forever. lol 😀


  3. Hi John – I do hope this gets sorted out for you … take care and Implant Day must be almost here – cheers Hilary


    1. We’re waiting on the dentist to let us know that she has the new tooth and whatever tools she needs to install it, then we need to coordinate with the periodontist, who wants to see me right after the dentist finishes to make sure everything looks good from his end. It looks like it’ll be the end of the month. I don’t care, I just want to make sure it’s done right so I’m not running back to the dentist because it fell out or something…


  4. Oh boy, this makes me nervous. I’m about to have my first implant at the end of this month. I have to set up an appointment to get a Cat scan or MRI or some crap before the implant surgery. Did you have to do that? It’s a costly and lengthy process, so I’m told. The implant surgery, then the healing time which is long, I think, right? And then have to go get a crown. Ay-yi-yi. Between that and the physical therapy for my shoulder, I’ll be tied up for months! Probably well into next year with all this crap!
    Well, let’s compare notes as we go through this…

    Michele at Angels Bark


    1. Your periodontist will go through all the steps with you. I’m assuming you’re having a tooth pulled, like I did. Anyway, the way mine went, I had an initial appointment where he took x-rays and explained what he was going to do (and dealt with the financial arrangements). Next appointment, he pulled the tooth and set the implant (the piece the new tooth screws into) into the bone under the gap. (Sometimes, they do that in two appointments, a couple of weeks apart; I was lucky.) I went back several times over the next six months for him to check how it was healing and setting. On the last appointment, he screwed in a healing abutment, a piece that screws into the implant, and sent me back to my dentist. She had the new tooth made, which will then replace the healing abutment and stay in there permanently. I didn’t have to have an MRI or CAT scan. If yours is on top, that might be necessary, or maybe it’s just how my guy did it.

      Keep me updated and let me know if you have any questions, OK?


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