The All-Star Week That Was

This edition of The Week That Was is brought to you by Ideal, makers of the Steve Canyon Jet Helmet, only $2.98 wherever toys are sold.

Anyone know who the announcer is? I’m positive it’s not Dean Fredricks, who played Steve on TV. It’s on one of the nostalgia networks very early in the morning, in case you wanted to see it. It’s based on a now-ended newspaper cartoon by Milton Caniff, who also created Terry & The Pirates, another strip about military pilots. I used to read both on Sundays. Had no idea what was going on, because we didn’t get the daily paper, but the artwork was great.

I checked eBay for the helmet, by the way. Someone’s selling one in the original box for $8.81, with $28.06 in shipping, while someone else is selling just the box for almost $40. Good luck with that one, pal…

The Week That Was

As you can tell from the title, The Major League Baseball All-Star Game is this Tuesday in Washington, DC, home of the Washington Nationals, or as we like to call them in the other cities of the National League East, the Nasty Nats (or Gnats, if you prefer). The Braves are sending four players (1B Freddie Freeman, RF Nick Markakis, 2B Ozzie Albies, and P Mike Foltynewicz) to the game, while the White Sox have a lone representative (1B Jose Abreu). I don’t plan on watching; it runs too late (because it starts so late), and it all seems so meaningless anymore.

It’s been a quiet week on the homefront. They keep predicting rain in the afternoon, and we don’t get it until the evening. A good thing, because we’re usually home by the time anything starts. I’ve been continuing my GIMP studies and hope to start rolling out new graphics soon. The same guy whose videos I’ve been watching also teaches Inkscape and Blender, the latter of which creates animations, so I might look into those as well. Hey, I’m not doing much of anything else…

Here’s the summary of the week.

I featured Leonid & Friends, a Chicago tribute band from Russia who sounds more like Chicago than the current Chicago. As I mentioned, the download of their album Chicagovich is available on iTunes, and Mark said he got a copy at Amazon. Definitely worth checking out.

This week’s encore performance was by Larry Carlton, an LA session guitarist and smooth jazz artist who played on a lot of Steely Dan’s later albums. He’s still going strong.

This week’s quote was from Jordan Peterson, and addressed the current trend in education, which is to send all high school graduates to college whether or not they want to go. How times have changed: in the old days, a father who was a plumber encouraged his kids to go to college, now parents with college degrees are encouraging their kids to be plumbers…

One of Kat’s prompts was to write a post inspired by swimsuits. My response was to talk about the year a guy I worked with gave me the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Calendar for Christmas. Back then, it was in poor taste to display it in your office; today, you’d get fired and probably sent to the guillotine or something…

I shared the Top Ten from WDLB in Marshfield, Wisconsin from fifty years ago. “Lady Willpower” by Gary Puckett & The Union Gap topped the chart there that week.

After starting the post with a three-letter word, I wrote a brief tribute to Grandma Holton, who celebrated (in heaven) her 118th birthday yesterday

After I get this published, I’ll be deciding on a Battle of the Bands, which I’ll publish this afternoon, so keep your eyes peeled for that. We’re doing numbers tomorrow for M4, and that’s already done. Tuesday’s twofer will be another previously-published piece. Everything else is status quo, so stay tuned.

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And that’s it for this edition of The Week That Was. See you in the funny papers!