Another #1LinerWeds from Lamebook

One-Liner Wednesday is brought to you each week by Linda Hill and this station. Now a word from Marx Toys, makers of The E-Z Weaver real hand loom!

22 thoughts on “Another #1LinerWeds from Lamebook

      1. I’ve heard that about French. If you’ve ever read David Sedaris, he tells about trying to learn French after he moved to France. Funny stuff, but it sounded like something that would hurt my brain.


  1. We all put on airs to impress in situations where we are, in fact, out of our comfort zone. But, in the instance of lingerie it is not a question of what you put on but rather of what you take off. Depending on your comfort zone, of course.


  2. Oh my gosh, I saw this tweet and it made me laugh SO HARD. Partly because I’m learning Spanish and it’s so straightforward that I’m like dang, no wonder people struggle with English!!

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  3. My mom would have laughed at this. Speaking of the word laugh, pronounced Laff, there is through pronounced thru (or threw but that get more difficult). Mom always said β€œwhy is it’s not pronounced thruff?”


    1. I do, too. I was in first or second grade, which would place it in the early ’60’s. Remember the tops? I got really good with those after a while. They were a little tricky, because even if you wound the string right, you had to get the throw right, or all you’d do was throw it across the room. And they did not spin at all on carpet…


        1. Every language has its slang, cliches, etc. and you can end up with dialects that are totally different. Mexican Spanish has a lot of words that were borrowed from Aztec, Brazilian Portuguese developed separate from Portugal and has its own slang and even pronunciation, Canadian French is different from the official version they speak in France (and both are different from what you hear in Cajun country) and let’s not even start with Puerto Rican Spanish… I learned a little Spanish when I worked as a supervisor in a food plant, because my guys were from Mexico. I used a word once and none of the guys knew what I was saying, because they used a different word. I finally got them to tell me what the different tools and parts of the production line were called (and I verified them with another supervisor who was from Mexico, so I wasn’t saying something they thought was hilarious when I asked them to get a shovel…)

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  4. Hah! VALID! I actually know a guy who did the same thing — he was a teenager then. We corrected him. I’m sure he says it right now, but I haven’t had any lingerie convos with him these last thirty years…


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